Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 12

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  • – Two children, three militants killed – https://t.co/5AiHlDO3Ya
  • – Area around sealed off for CT-investigation.
    ** Bomb squad on scene. Large police deployment.
    ** Metro stations of lines 2 and 5 in the neighborhood have been evacuated.
    ** Bomb squad is on scene to check on a van parked next to the : police
    ** Calles Provença, Roselló and Sardenya are closed for the time being. Avoid area
    ** Inhabitants and customers of shops are confined inside for the time being
    ** 324cat reports 1 person has been detained on scene
    ** Police ask people who live near not to leave their houses and not to go to bed
    ** End of bomb squad operation. False alert. Situation will be normalized asap: police
    ** No word yet on the man who was seen being taken away
    ** Police say the sighting of a suspicious van with 2 occupants sparked the evacuation
    ** Police now confirm no one has been detained in relation to these facts
    ** Quite calm on , following the evacuation. Nothing unusual

  • – 1 terrorist who came back from arrested – https://t.co/wNrJVfeiCK
  • Interesting discussion on terrorism and media coverage on roundtable. (With ) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPTWIKQh96I
  • – Overview of the 12 thwarted attacks (via )

  • – 1st police dog on scene of Manchester Arena attack is losing its fur due to mental scarring from attack – https://t.co/Nt2pwftDCZ

  • – New footage of Barcelona attacker right after his massacre – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZjrHjC3H2g
  • – MoI mentions a 12th thwarted attack. This time on February 14, 2017 on the Lille metro. Prevented by domestic intel.
    ** This is the 12th thwarted attack in France this year.
  • – Russian fighter sentenced to hang in Iraq – https://t.co/siDuwFmwXb
  • – Bomb threats across Russia prompt mass evacuations – https://t.co/HvWzjMkqGM
  • anti-terrorism coordinator : we will probably be getting more (attempted) terrorist attacks – https://t.co/PuZ1iTpibb
  • – Prosecutors demand life sentence for Beate Zschaepe, the prime suspect in Germany’s neo-Nazi trial – https://t.co/hNrHGsfYmu
  • – Turkish police detain 25 suspected militants – https://t.co/NicMOVIOxP
  • – Border Police arrest Palestinian armed with knife near Cave of the Patriarchs – https://t.co/EBKJXh1Ehq

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