Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 13

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  • – 2 train stations evacuated due to bomb threat – https://t.co/qFiTQrWxjm
    ** More over, 10,000 people were evacuated from shopping centers, railway stations and universities in Moscow.
    ** Local sources say the threats all came in almost simultaneously
    ** Evacuations of about 20 sites, including Afimall, Metropolis, Festival,… 3 railway stations are being checked too
    ** Railway stations being checked: Leningrad, Kazan and Kiev. Some reports say Kiev has already been cleared
    ** Medical university has been evacuated too. Police say it is nothing but “telephone terrorism”, but that they have to check on every threat made to be sure
    ** Over 20,000 evacuated from 3 universities, 30 shopping malls and other businesses, 3 railway stations,…

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