Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 14

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  • – Bomb threat on a Turkish Airlines flight while it was already on the way to the runway – https://t.co/WusRLVbOgv
  • – 17 men found guilty of supporting terrorists – https://t.co/snjzH5xaA9
  • terrorist in charge of booby-trapping ops in Kirkuk apprehended – https://t.co/7zrFaNRLh5
  • loyalists hailing from Orakzai Agency killed in US drone strike – https://t.co/lWnRMOomgz
  • – 2 suspected terrorists arrested – https://t.co/BXFBz4EqI7
  • – Israeli navy trains for potential naval assault – https://t.co/Uz7fi9619r
  • – A record 379 terror arrests were made in Britain in just one year – https://t.co/GfNlS1Cju7
  • – 1 arrested on suspicion of membership of Shabab al-Aqua, a terror organization – https://t.co/5mUKZ6I7e1
  • – One dead, 20 wounded in Thai south ambush – https://t.co/aQR7onXHdR
  • – Finnish woman, kidnapped on May 20, has been released. She was kidnapped during an attack on a building of the Swedish ngo “Operation Mercy”. In the attack, a German woman and an Afghan man died. The attack was never claimed.
  • – Jaghatu district police chief killed in roadside mine blast – https://t.co/HBpOcQzFhh

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