Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 15

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  • Other terrorism news below the London follow-up

Britain raises terror threat level from severe to critical, its highest level (5 out of 5)

– 2 women attacked with a hammer by a man shouting allah akbar. Attacker on the run. – https://t.co/TwgjYRHB8o
** Police ask not to distribute their locations and pictures of their operation.
** Attacker is dressed in black. Major police and gendarmerie operation underway
** Mayor asks his population to be extremely vigilant

– Explosion reported @ underground station
** No service btw Earls Court to Wimbledon. Buses, South Western and London Overground accepting tickets via any reasonable route
** Explosion (in or of a bucket) reportedly happened near the rear of the train. (Pic Andy Webb)
** Wounded are being treated outside the station. Armed police on scene. (Pics: Metro UK)
** London Ambulance Service sent hazardous area response team to , priority to assess level and nature of injuries.
** Local church is open and offering shelter, coffee and tea. – 18A, Parsons Green – SW6 4UH
** Police are asking again to avoid the area.  
** Uber is aware of the incident @ , has turned off dynamic pricing, will refund all journeys from the affected area
** Police defused a 2nd explosive. (Daily Telegraph journalist on scene)
** Police are asking everyone to remain vigilant & to report any suspicious behaviour by texting 61016 or calling 0800 405040.
** -forces say their working assumption is that the incident is terrorism. (BBC)
** Explosion @ declared terrorist incident – https://twitter.com/metpoliceuk/status/908620962987433984
** Fire brigade is on scene with 6 fire engines, 2 fire rescue units, approx 50 firefighters & specialist officers
** Road closures @ – Fulham Rd, btwn Munster Rd & North End Rd. – Parsons Green Lane closed N/B at New Kings Rd.
** 18 people were taken to hospital after attack. No serious injuries
** Meanwhile, on , -fans are celebrating the attacks. No official claims
** Firefighters were on scene of attack within 3 minutes
** Support for anyone affected can be found here, as well as an appeal for witnesses (and images) – https://t.co/nOxagbOLJp
** NHS say there are now 22 people being treated across 4 hospital trusts in London after attack
** H&F Council & police opened rest centre @ Lancaster Court estate for residents evacuated/affected by attack.
** Services remain affected on following the incident: British Transport Police.
** Side note 1: In June called for attacks on trains
** Side note 2: mentioned train attacks too in their last issue of magazine
** That said, the IED only partially exploded, pointing towards amateurism. But if on the run: might improve his/her skills
** Tube line between High Street Kensington and Edgeware Road has been suspended due to an incident
** British officials: response to London terror attack ‘unhelpful’ – https://t.co/ncR55LE0g1
** Theresa May says the UK’s terror threat level will remain at severe (4 out of 5) meaning a terror attack is highly likely.
** The closure between Earl’s Court and Wimbledon, will be in place until the end of service.
Fulham Rd now reopened e/bnd at Fulham Palace Rd & w/bnd at North End Rd.
** Area around evacuated to secure remnants of the IED. – https://t.co/CvsEVNSqED
** New Kings Rd reopen w/bnd at Wandsworth Bridge Rd & e/bnd at Fulham High St. Parsons Green Lane is closed.
** Parsons Green Lane remains closed while Police continue their investigation. Expect delays due to diverting traffic.
** NHS England says 29 people have been treated after an explosion at tube station in West London.
**  has claimed the attack
** A security source to Amaq: the bombing of the IED in the London tube was carried out by a unit affiliated to the Islamic State
** PM May says soldiers will be deployed to replace police officers on guard duty at certain sites.
**  issued a more elaborate statement, saying a cell of 3 people is involved in attack @ .
**  issued a more elaborate statement, saying soldiers planted IEDs (both in plural).
** They also state that “what is coming is more devastating and bitter”.
** The bucket was packed with and nails – https://t.co/4qx3qpLlqH

Press conference:
** Explosion caused by IED: AC Mark Rowley.
** AC Rowley: “Urgent inquiries ongoing with detectives looking at CCTV, carrying out forensic work & speaking to witnesses”
** AC Rowley: “Today & over the weekend you can expect to see a heightened police presence, particularly in crowded places”

Footage of the burning bag


  • – Military releases videos recovered from -linked fighters – https://t.co/bHgmrShs5B
  • – Suspicious package at Loreto metro stop. Line 1 between Palestro and Pasteur and the M2 between Lambrate and Caiazzo stopped
    ** Buses are transporting the commuters for the time being
  • – Takfiri cell of 5 arrested – https://t.co/GWQt1LvKqk
  • – Security tightened on Metro trains and buses after bomb attack on London subway – https://t.co/29METQWWaJ
    ** All clear.
  • – Israeli consulate in New York closed after package containing white powder and threat against PM discovered (i24)
  • – French embassy says to be extremely vigilant over the next 48 hours – https://t.co/EEqIsc9RVR
  • – Car bomb explodes near Bodzirah Park in Al-Kwayfiya district, 7 km north of downtown Benghazi. No casualties reported.
    ** Updated toll: 3 injured.
  • – Turkey says is a weak link in fighting terror – https://t.co/MkuGrl5izR
  • – Alleged knifeman (unconfirmed) arrested.
    ** “The man was arrested for possession of bladed article and taken to hospital. It was not terrorism related”: spox.
  • – Explosion heard near to Kanazoé mosque. Gendarmerie on scene to neutralize suspicious package. (Ouaga FM)
  • – Woman arrested during routine check @ border crossing. She was traveling on a bus from Germany to Switzerland
    ** She was arrested on suspicion of membership of an extremist religious group. – https://t.co/Fv3DUdZjhE
  • execute senior leader for fleeing Kirkuk stronghold – https://t.co/gWLrdLSCSD
  • – Explosion targets convoy of Romanian forces. 3 of them are injured.
    ** 1 Romanian soldier has died
  • – Two militants blown while planting IED in Kapisa – https://t.co/9fjbWGyx5Q
  • – Car with explosives stopped and seized. 45-year-old driver detained. – https://t.co/N5Yd5MaQkF
  • – 1 soldier of operation attacked. No injuries. Attacker arrested. – https://t.co/D8Dw3yPT8o

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