Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 16

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  • – Taliban and ISIS infighting leaves several dead in Nangarhar province – https://t.co/uLsPnqMimx
  • – Egyptian court sentences ex-President to 25 years for spy case – https://t.co/EUadK8TdZu
  • – Egypt court sentences seven to death over links to – https://t.co/HLG6nBigYV
  • – An 18yo man has been arrested in the area under the Terrorism Act in connection with the station bombing
    ** Police statement – https://t.co/Cd7rbOofJr
    ** Armed police at address at Sunbury, Surrey – believed to be related to investigation into Parsons Green Tube bombing
    ** Residents of houses surrounding the property have been evacuated and a 100 meter security cordon has been put in place
    **  tube station closed due to a security alert
    **  cinema & stn expected to reopen shortly. Not deemed suspicious: Police.
    ** Home raided owned by couple awarded MBEs for taking in hundreds of children, including refugees – https://t.co/2QEW6XGoN1

**  has released an infographic on bombing & other recent .K. attacks

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