Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 18

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  • – Potentially deadly bomb ingredients are ‘frequently bought together’ on – https://t.co/LmwoTzSLyW
  • – The 2 men arrested earlier to stay in police custody – https://t.co/tzFIyU5rOm
  • – Pro- channel released 6th issue of Knights of Lone Jihad, focusing on attack & how to build an IED.
  • – Israeli consulate again receives an envelope with a white substance and a threat letter – https://t.co/6gjmomT8WG
    ** FBI will be joining the investigation
  • #UK #London – @JenanMoussa thread – I spoke to family members of terror suspect Yahya Farroukh. They r Syrian asylum seekers living in Holland.
    ** I talked to brother of suspect, his wife &sister wife. They live in southern part of The Netherlands. They are SHOCKED
    ** Brother of arrested suspect told me: “I’m shocked by his arrest. He’s ambitious, loves the UK, studies to be journalist
    ** Brother suspect told me: “Cant believe he has anything to do with terrorism.” Sister-in-law said: “He wouldnt hurt an ant”
    ** Family of suspect told me: “He visited us recently (during Eid) in the Netherlands after father passed away in Egypt.”
    ** Rumor that suspect radicalized after father was killed in Syria. Family denies: “Father sick, died in Egypt in hospital.”
    ** or privacy reasons I won’t mention towns where family of suspect lives. Only that they live in province of Noord-Brabant
    ** Family suspect said they r not with Assad, not opposition. Weren’t contacted by Dutch or UK authorities after arrest Yahya
    ** I asked family of suspect how they ended up in Europe. Family explained: “In 2012 we left Damascus, Syria &moved to Egypt”
    ** “In 2013 Yayha took boat from Egypt to Italy then went to UK. We stayed in Egypt. in 2015 we moved to Turkey via Greece to Netherlands.”
    ** Yahya (the suspect) arrived in UK when he was only 16. He was placed with foster family. Lived since 1 year on his own
    ** According to family: In 2015 suspect “traveled from UK to Turkey for a holiday and to visit family members”
    ** Brother said: “I spoke Thursday or Friday over phone w/Yahya. He was normal. My brother is only a suspect. Hope he’ll be cleared soon
    ** This is all I have for now. Hope you found this interesting. Will update when I get more news. Thank you
  • – Puntland Police foil bomb attack at bus station – https://t.co/sRCpGbcIMx
  • – Two suspects of 2013 blasts detained in UP’s Mirzapur – https://t.co/0THyOThMQd
  • – Egypt adds 215 regime opponents to list of ‘terrorists’ – https://t.co/qKrTZxA8HE
  • – Attacker appeared before an anti-terror judge today – https://t.co/v5zSmoszhg
  • – 2 female terrorism suspects convicted – https://t.co/1NghH3QCw4
  • – Blast targeting a security forces vehicle. Preliminary toll: 11 injured.
  • – Two terrorists who stabbed elderly Israeli women in Jerusalem sentenced to 18 years in prison – https://t.co/Cc6ZZxKv4O
  • – 3 Marawi siege leaders dead, 2 still fighting – https://t.co/NZAQBjivAe

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