Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 19

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  • – 22yo woman arrested upon arrival @ on suspicion of membership of proscribed organization – https://t.co/pNqZEbW9XM
  • – US puts twins on terror list – https://t.co/TP2T4U9eOy
  • – 3rd arrest made in connection with attack in – https://t.co/fZvRNi6X28
  • , citing a security source, says Abou Walid has been arrested a while ago – https://t.co/Wtkr3coe1I
  • – 19-year-old Iraqi arrested on suspicion of war crimes and membership of – https://t.co/LPTqrZJAta
  • – 41-year-old Iraqi arrested on suspicion of war crimes and membership of – https://t.co/WsNINr4FZT
  • – M1 Northbound has been reopened. No indications for terrorism: Thames Valley Police.
  • – 24yo Syrian arrested on suspicion of membership of several foreign terrorist groups – https://t.co/d3D3FQgFsO
  • market evacuated and sealed off
    **  Suspicious package inside the market. Armed police and fire brigade in attendance.
    ** City of London police ask to avoid the area
    ** All clear given 2 minutes ago. Area will be released shortly
    ** Work is ongoing. No explosives found, but probable chemicals. Road remains closed. – https://t.co/tscbQly5ow
  • – Bomb blast kills 4 – https://t.co/13Hlt3RMpE
  • – Police are investigating a suspicious package near London’s underground station.
    ** False alarm. All clear.
  • – Israel says shoots down drone over Golan Heights frontier with Syria – https://t.co/2h2z9PbQrW
    ** The drone allegedly was Iranian and was flown by . It took off from International Airport.
  • – M1 currently closed in both directions between junction 15 and 14 due to suspicious package under a bridge.
  • – 6 civilians killed in an explosion – https://t.co/k15vdPlFcQ
  • – 2 members of Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Islam killed in airstrike – https://t.co/cLGYwrSJIU
  • militants alarmed by tuberculosis outbreak in Hawija – https://t.co/Qg46NPUZc5
  • – Police chief instructed officers in January to keep eyes on Rohingyas following allegation that some of them want to join IS.
  • – State secretary wants to expel radicalized man who called for the killing of Christians – https://t.co/9tfBIvlY3a
    ** His father was already expelled, since he was a hate preacher
  • have links with terror groups: Union Ministry of Home Affairs – https://t.co/rkXn01tgbI
    ** On a side note: this -linked propaganda poster was spread on earlier this week.
  • operative killed in Gaza tunnel collapse – https://t.co/gFezc2HaYL
  • – Jihadists launch big attack on Syrian gov’t near Hama – https://t.co/ZUczxBSYRZ
  • – Abou Walid, a key member of the preparations of the , still on the run. – https://t.co/11NlB6Y01W
  • – Guardia Civil detained a 25-year-old Pakistani, residing in Spain, on suspicion of jihadist indoctrination.

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