Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 21

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  • – This comes after a returned FTF was working as a temp at the military base earlier this year.
  • – Access to military bases becomes more difficult for outsiders – https://t.co/RH4CojMTwZ
  • – 2 arrested on suspicion of giving material support to in Syria and Iraq – https://t.co/cARjbpCvd4
  • – Dutch pregnant jihadi wants to return home from – https://t.co/SK70ie081q
  • – 21yo arrested over attack & thought to be Y Farroukh released, no further action – https://t.co/L2x7Ns1i3A
  • – Saudi national emir killed in Salahuddin – https://t.co/qFf6vqYt3D
  • – Press release by security services – https://t.co/23nsaRuNZ6
  • – Swiss indict three for alleged propaganda films – https://t.co/5zBOBgBhlK
  • – Security services are actively investigating a threat of a terrorist attack in Stockholm – https://t.co/3waMXgtVwI
  • – Islamists lure youngsters in the Philippines with payments, promise of paradise – https://t.co/ZV0jvIzZ6F
  • – 17-year-old male arrested in ongoing bombing investigation – https://t.co/U0nh2vvLnx
  • – Grenade attack on police party at bus station. 7 CRPF personnel injured. 2 civilians killed and 6 injured.
    ** Updated toll: 3 civilians killed, 10 civilians and 7 CRPF personnel injured.
  • – Wanted terrorist arrested – https://t.co/BRkUB7V7mT
  • – Two customs officials injured in remote-controlled bomb explosion – https://t.co/9GNcHC5C8Z
  • – Afghan intelligence foil coordinated attack in Samangan province – https://t.co/B8TmO2ew9W
  • – 17-year-old female arrested in ongoing bombing investigation
  • – Belgian police officer Momo E.S. leaked information to terrorists – https://t.co/0J4QFn83G1
    **  – Officer is believed to have been in touch with Yassine Atar, brother of Oussama Atar and cousin of the El Bakraoui brothers, who blew themselves up on March 22, 2016 in Brussels and at Brussels Airport.
    ** Mehdi Nemmouche, who attacked Jewish museum, too ill to attend trial: lawyers
  • – Iraq begins offensive to retake Islamic State bastion Hawija: PM (AFP)

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