Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 22

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  • – Man receives 9-month jail sentence over joke on – https://t.co/YVK2TrepdY
  • claims, in its weekly, the airport escaped something big.
    **  claims a member of the security staff planted explosives at CDG airport the day of the evacuation of the aircraft.
    ** IS further says, French authorities claimed it was a false alert, to camouflage their inability to detect and capture people who plant bombs.
  • – Mehdi , ex- leader, died in hospital – https://t.co/eQI8w67EtZ
  • – Man jailed for sharing extremist material on Facebook – https://t.co/CorQRaxl47
  • – Three civilians killed as booby-trapped house explodes – https://t.co/XfvUNARpxC
  • – Government troops seize Marawi bridge, battle moves to 10 hectare area – https://t.co/WgCOvmv7e2
  • – 12 killed, 17 wounded – https://t.co/bXp7V4l12W
  • – Police boss warns West Midlands to lose 1 in 10 anti-terror cops because of funding cuts – https://t.co/SzjX1iESI2
  • – Ahmed Hassan, 18, of , Surrey, charged with attempted murder over Tube attack
    ** Police press release – https://t.co/lLytmEsYHO
  • – 1 soldier killed in bomb attack – https://t.co/YtXL7fyXUo
  • – French captured jihadi sent back to France by Turkey – https://t.co/LWmxoFrtIo
  • – Dutch anti-terrorism service financed a documentary on , to discourage potential FTFs – https://t.co/F40exXESj0
  • – Israeli strikes hit weapons depot by Damascus airport: monitor (AFP)
  • backers reveal location on – https://t.co/XSn2FeJwbJ
  • – Civilian killed, four wounded in two blasts – https://t.co/RoNvLZQ0KG

  • – At least 1,000 buildings targeted by hoax bomb threats over week – https://t.co/zADo7uzGGa
  • – Anarchists have claimed yesterday’s arson attack on the Grenoble Gendarmerie barracks – https://t.co/8HylUFQpc4
  • – Police have stopped 6 terror attacks that were minutes away from being carried out, the last few months: Met Police chief.
  • – 4 terrorists killed in a military operation – https://t.co/l8u9eJF9NP
  • -fan Taha Hussain sentenced to 4.5 years in jail for disseminating terror documents on socmed – https://t.co/wlppT7Qs3K
  • – Bomb kills 4 soldiers & wounds 6, including a civilian -https://t.co/x2es8aXs66
  • – Spanish authorities arrested a man linked to an extremist cell in the Barcelona attack last month: MoI
    ** The suspect is a 24-year-old Moroccan, living in Spain. He was arrested in .
    ** He was in close contact with the attackers, and especially with imam Es Satty
    ** He is believed to have helped the attackers buy the components of their explosives
    ** Police investigation at his residence still ongoing.
    ** Press release by the Guardia Civil – https://t.co/TwW36CXA4N

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