Terrorism Telegram Newsline – September 24

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  • – Very interesting read – https://twitter.com/BTelawy/status/912016307347951616
  • – Today, 15 years ago, killed Guardia Civil officer Juan Carlos Beiro – https://twitter.com/zoidoJI/status/912054987089498113
  • – Lt-Gen Asapov was killed at a command outpost while assisting Syrian commanders –
  • – Russian general killed fighting in eastern Syria: reports (i24News)
    ** Lt-Gen Asapov was killed at a command outpost while assisting Syrian commanders – https://t.co/1m0scDTKRy
  • – Maoist leader held by Anti Terrorist Squad – https://t.co/sC1Lsf3xw6
  • – Sadiq Khan says police in London have stopped seven attacks by terrorists in just six months – https://t.co/l5GhyeheN6
  • – Grave of 28 Hindus killed by Rohingya militants found: Myanmar army (AFP)
  • – 35 civilians rescued amid ongoing clashes – https://t.co/sQmrpXVj8c
  • – Attack with explosives on Minusma Blue Helmets forces. 3 killed, 5 seriously injured. – https://t.co/mvgX56Ime5
  • shut down clinics in southern Afghan province: official – https://t.co/SrLrqU4NLb
  • – Resolute Support statement – 
  • – At the same time, 11 were detained in , . They are part of an IT company, financing terrorism.
    ** The group is suspected of financing terrorist activities since 2005. Ataul Haque Shobuj is the chairman of ISYNCTEL.
  • – Lufthansa plane hijacked to Somalia by Palestinians during leftist violence in 1977 returns to – https://t.co/OGrAfddHm7
  • – Ataul Hauque, from , UK, arrested on suspicion of involvement in weapons program. – https://t.co/Rp982rFKNT
  • – Grenade attack. 2 police officers and 4 civilians injured – https://t.co/6rJuaCCTGd
  • – Explosion reported in Pd5 – https://t.co/duOFIdxrn0
    ** First reports indicate a suicide bomber targeted a NATO convoy. Officials do not want to. Comment.
    **  Police now confirm 3 are injured in the attack.
    ** Pic of the scene (Pic: Muslim Shirzad)
    ** Suicide attack targeted a convoy of Danish troops. At least 5 civilians injured.

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