Terrorism Telegram Newsline – October 2

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  • – Multiple arrests today, after gas cylinders with a detonator were found in Paris’ 16th arrondissement on Saturday.
    ** Multiple attempts were made to detonate the explosive from a distance. CT-investigation opened. – https://t.co/EBSy2W0nQQ
  • takes over Edmonton attacks investigation. The Integrated National Security Enforcement Team is leading.
  • – Although a terrorist motive was denied up to now, has now claimed the Las Vegas mass shooting.
    ** They claim the shooter is 1 of their soldiers, who converted to Islam months ago.
    ** Sr US officials say no evidence shooter was connected to international militant group after claims responsibility.
    ** Side note: A few months ago there was a large attack @ World Resorts in the Philippines. Although not a single piece of evidence was found it was a terrorist attack, claimed the event. Investigation will tell us how much we can believe of this claim.
    ** This could (!!!) be just trying to gain profit from the mass media attention.
    Claim has now been published in English too.
    **  has named their so-called soldier as Abu Abdul al-Bar al-Amriki, but again: please take this claim with extreme skepticism

  • – VBIED explosion + ongoing attack against police HQ in Midan area
    ** 5 police officers killed
    ** Please take the claim with (a lot of) skepticism for the time being.
    ** Updated toll: 16 killed.
  • – Iraqi forces retake airport en route to region near -held Hawija – https://t.co/XYnaB3Vumk
  • – 2 police officers killed in roadside IED blast – https://t.co/YX9wtnRlo6
  • – Norway bomb scare teenager avoids terror charge in trial – https://t.co/n2K8qOGCB6
  • – Remote controlled IED targets vehicle of Peace Committee member. 1 killed, 2 injured. – https://t.co/cNmoXzOLLy
  • laptops seized from terrorist positions in Marawi: military – https://t.co/8ozTLwRHm1

  • – Jewish museum increases security after -threats – https://t.co/oldHVQV3iM
  • – If you want to stay updated on the -trial throughout the day: journalist is live-tweeting.
  • – French newspaper Le JDD reports the 2 victims were cousins, Laure & Maurane. 1 studied in Lyon, the other in Marseille.
    ** More info on the victims: https://t.co/IovVmA2x6i
  • cell detained by FSB. Terrorists were planning attacks on transportation. – https://t.co/li3DYjxvDG
  • – Coalition member killed in blast – https://t.co/9N5Bc2JodY

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