Terrorism Telegram Newsline – October 5

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  • – An suicide bomber blew himself up in district. (Al Arabiya)
    ** Security forces raided a flat belonging to an militant in western Riyadh.
    ** An cell was dismantled. Locations raided: 3 Persons captured: 5 Terrorists killed: 2 (1 shot, 1 blew himself up)
    ** The locations were raided last night, press release by MoI now.
    ** Firearms and materials to make explosives were seized too.
  • You can now set up the in 9 different languages. The version will be released next week.
  • – In its weekly newsletter, keeps insisting they were behind the Las Vegas mass shooting. They say Stephen Paddock (called Abu Abdul Barr al-Amriki by them), converted to Islam 6 months ago.Remember that not a single piece of evidence was found up to now to support their claim.
  • – There is a possibility Salah Abdeslam can come to Belgium to attend his trial – https://t.co/2q3pFwGxFF
  • – Pharmacist Zameer Ghumra, 38, has been found guilty of disseminating “terrorist propaganda”, after showing a beheading video to a child. 2/2 (Press Ass.)
  • – Marseille attacker had no established ties with ‘terrorist’ groups: Tunisia PM (AFP)
  • – 1 killed, several injured in bomb blast at Dargah Fatehpur – https://t.co/l4lvReRGaT
    ** Updated preliminary toll: 6 killed, 25 injured
    ** Updated toll: 15 killed, 25 injured.
    ** Updated preliminary toll: 13 killed, 20+ injured.
    ** Updated preliminary toll: 18 killed, 22 injured.
  • – Returned FTF started a training @ Belgium’s railway company. – https://t.co/MgdRgtELvg
    ** He entered the training before his conviction was added to his criminal record.
    ** Upon discovery of the conviction, the returned FTF was fired immediately.
  • – Bottles with gas, with a simple detonation mechanism found under a Lafarge truck.
    **  The bottles were discovered in Paris’s 19th arrondissement. (20 Minutes)
    ** 2nd district of judicial police of Paris is on the case. (AFP)
    ** Remember that last Saturday, 4 gas cylinders with a detonator were discovered in the 16th arrondissement. 6 people have been arrested so far, in connection to Saturday’s discovery.
    ** Europe1 reports the bottles were found by workers when they started their shift this morning.
    * They found 5 or 6 water bottles filled with gas under the truck. BFM adds matches were found in the same area.
    ** M6 reports the bottles were taped to the wheels of 3 trucks. Small fire around 3.30 am – https://t.co/Jrp1YpkjTa

  • #Spain –  Guardia civil Juan José Moreno Chamorro, asesinado por en Oñate el 5 de octubre de 1975  – https://twitter.com/guardiacivil/status/915903432048996352
  • – Paramilitary troops free another -held region in Kirkuk – https://t.co/FhPFahSuSg
  • – Alleged members attack police station – https://t.co/9zfsbHbSPC
  • infiltrating Turkey’s Aegean, Mediterranean regions via Syria’s Assad controlled Latakia: MoI – https://t.co/n4sSwkR7Pi
  • elects ex-West Bank terror commander as political chief’s deputy – https://t.co/ZP4hzw1Q25
    ** al-Arouri is considered to be the founder of ‘s armed wing and oversaw the 90’s terror attacks targeting Jewish settlements.
  • – Suspicious item found @ security check point at airport. Bomb squad attending. – https://t.co/32djB8TorP
  • – Very good read (in Dutch) – https://twitter.com/p_vanostaeyen/status/915861661235507200
  • – 3 civilians killed & 17 injured in blast near mosque in Baghdad – https://t.co/c0PR2XWeyJ
  • – 1 of the men arrested in the investigation into the gas canisters planted in Paris’ 16th Arrondissement is Fiché S.
    ** He was identified through his DNA. Aymen B is believed to have been in contact with jihadis in Syria.
    ** He was allegedly trying to get himself an AK47 too. – https://t.co/Co3idL03T4
  • – Cuba’s terror nexus – https://t.co/PzNigc6xd1
  • – Australia creates photo ID database to help track terror suspects – https://t.co/njcthoWOK4

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