Terrorism Telegram Newsline – October 6

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  • – A 4th US soldier has been found dead
  • Canadian man plotted -inspired attack on NY concerts. Arrested this summer. Info released today – https://t.co/C10lrsDRI4
    ** Charges against the 3 suspects – https://t.co/56oD559TIv
  • – Sister & brother of last Sunday’s knife attacker arrested – https://t.co/EGrS3xVrZc
  • Evacuation @ Place Kléber. Bomb alert
    ** DNA reports a threatening phone call was made to AFP: “you have 1 hour, otherwise it’ll blow up”
    ** Security perimeter enlarged
    ** It’s the building of Maison Rouge that received the threat. Building and parking are being checked.
    ** rue du Faubourg National is now sealed off too
    ** The call making the threat was made with a visible phone number from the French 03 phone area
    ** End of alert
    ** 1 individual arrested with help from , special police forces.
  • Happened Monday, info only released today: man with 28 centimeter knife yells Allah akbar on train.
    ** He is arrested by Belgian railway police. He stays in custody on suspicion of participation in a terrorist organization
    ** He had previous convictions – https://t.co/0FwMzb93ub
  • – Item may have contained explosives – https://t.co/kGPhIsUnRI
  • – 3 Afghan soldiers wounded in Laghman roadside bombing – https://t.co/89icxioC86
  • – The Minister of Transport just announced police will be deployed on board of airplanes. (Anadolu)
  • – At least 68 terrorists killed in counterterror operations in Turkey over the last week: military – https://t.co/zpeOZYAqfT
  • Police are asking not to touch any suspicious item you might see around the North Queen Street area.
    ** This comes after a report that a pipe-bomb type device was left there. Police have conducted searches.
    ** Nothing was found until now.
  • – Suicide bomber killed before attacking army in Ramadi – https://t.co/pK4FNkJirD

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