Terrorism Telegram Newsline – October 7

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  • – Four suspected members killed in Karachi – https://t.co/p2uW8ucyeH
  • : Code red sirens in southern Israel. Seek shelter immediately.
    ** Explosions reported (Hatzolah)
    ** Alarms went off for Netiv Haasara and Yad Mordechai. 4 explosions reported, according to local sources.
    ** Apparent false alert. Israeli broadcaster Kann says alert possibly triggered by military flairs causing noise.
  • Car ploughs into pedestrians. Situation unclear, but 1 under arrest.
    ** A number of pedestrians have been injured. 1 male under arrest. Police ask to call them if you have any details. Call 101.
    ** London Ambulance Service on scene. No details on numbers of wounded yet.
    ** Police statement: verifications underway. More information will be released when verified and accurate.
    ** Armed police on scene. (BBC)
    ** 2 versions. 1) Sky: CT-officers assessing. 2) Reuters: no terror
    ** Statement by London mayor: details still emerging. He is talking to M Rowley, lead for CT-policing.
    ** 11 people were treated, mostly for leg and head injuries. 9 of them were taken to hospital: London Ambulance Service.
    ** The incident in Exhibition Road is NOT being treated as a terror-related incident. It is a road traffic collision: police.
    ** Police statement – https://t.co/srXgW3zqsw
  • – IED blast leaves 6 soldiers, 1 civilian hurt in Iloilo – https://t.co/nW0ghXC82a
  • ’s Baghdadi’s close member, five snipers, killed in airstrike in Kirkuk – https://t.co/FcoTjfmF1i
  • – ‘My journey towards the started on Bloody Sunday’ – https://t.co/ldNNxDBTPN
  • – Hundreds of families turn themselves in to Peshmerga in Hawija – https://t.co/8u8RrFmaKw

  • – Malaysia arrests 8 over suspected terror links to
  • Gunman attacks security post @ entrance of al-Salam Palace. 2 Royal Guards killed. (Najran)
    ** 1 gunman was killed on scene. However, security forces believe he didn’t act alone. Search ops underway.

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