Terrorism Telegram Newsline – October 12

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  • – 3 terrorists killed and a number of others wounded. (Sinai News)
  • – 6 soldiers killed and 4 injured in an attack on a security post south of El Arish. (Sinai News)
  • Shooting @ several places. 7 injured at this point. Motive, shooter unknown.
    ** Police are looking for possibly! more than 1 shooter.
    ** Police talk about 4 injured. They are all men. – https://t.co/68W8lVXbfy
    ** 3 injured were taken to Malmö and 1 was taken to Lund.
    ** Shooting is not being investigated as an act of terrorism at this point: police. (AP)
    ** The town is well known for gang related violence
    ** For all those arguing there is no gang violence: simply do a Google search for Trelleborg, Bandidos, Hells Angels,…

Pakistan’s military says soldiers have recovered 5 Western hostages held by the for years. (AP)
** According to BBC, an American family was recovered.
** American woman, her Canadian husband and 3 children were rescued – https://t.co/sS65QatLBe


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