Terrorism Telegram Newsline – October 14

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  • – Pro- Telegram channels are spreading a video urging muslims to come to Congo for jihad: “A Call for Hijrah to Congo”.
  • – 11 from an -linked cell arrested in 8 towns. They were planning attacks. (Reuters)
  • Bomb targeted a vehicle of security personnel in PD3, leaving 2 police injured.
    ** Updated toll: 3 injured.
  • Car bomb explodes in center of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu – https://t.co/lbE11hpf9D
    ** Preliminary toll: 20 killed, according to witnesses on scene.
    ** Local media suggest the truck bomb might have targeted a hotel.
    ** Updated toll: 20 killed, 30+ injured. Images from the scene:
    ** Death toll surpasses 20 and is expected to rise: medical sources.
    **  Updated toll: at least 30 killed.
    ** Attack has now been claimed by .
  • – 350 members defect – https://t.co/8EV9DLgKIf
  • – Terrorist who had been sentenced to 30 years and who was on the run had been caught – https://t.co/NS27MDaILv
  • – 9 naxalites surrender to police. (India TV)
  • ‘caliphate’ crumbles as 100 militants surrender – https://t.co/sLzPOz0M3K

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