Terrorism Telegram Newsline – October 19

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  • – Can Somalia ever win against – https://t.co/RWCiZgKsxJ
  • – Interior Ministry is urgently looking for 2 dangerous terrorists – https://t.co/lyV1n3eTZX
  • – Police say the bomb that killed the journalist was remotely detonated – https://t.co/gARGQLcbJC
  • – Straight-A student faces jail after offering to wear suicide vest and ‘press button’ – https://t.co/2xpLPATyx4
  • to focus on foreign fighter fallout from rout of – https://t.co/swX1wYqCO2

  • #Israel #Palestine –   leader says ‘no one’ can force it to disarm or recognise (AFP)
  • Our app for is now available in the Play Store. Download it here: https://t.co/2o1hfPWwOJ
  • – Mahmud is dead: Duterte – https://t.co/3TrAJCiAzO
  • – 3 arrested on suspicion of supporting (a) terrorist group(s). Bomb and other items recovered. – https://t.co/JLcX7SseQi
  • – Imminent terror threat. US embassy warns its citizens. – https://t.co/Bm7DAIG6kb
  • – At least 3 soldiers killed in a ambush – https://t.co/LDH0Sy4MbX
  • – Everett man found guilty on all charges in terrorist plot – https://t.co/rPye63eDKd
  • – Anjem is refused permission to appeal against his conviction for recruiting extremists for – https://t.co/3CLLTwBzwr
  • – Aurora man who tried to join branch in faces sentencing – https://t.co/e05s9b4Zy3
  • – Terrorist groups planning another 9/11-style attack, top US official warns – https://t.co/tSGpNmAQav
  • – Roadside bomb hits convoy. Casualties reported: Radio Danan.
  • ‘ ’emir’ in Asia possibly killed in overnight Marawi battle, Philippine military says – https://t.co/tQOPNRWKsI
  • – Sakhnin resident who joined sentenced to 6 year in prison – https://t.co/QVN42yxwx0
  • – 40 killed, 24 wounded in bomb attack at Afghan military base – https://t.co/9FY9Lthg1Q
  • – The family: an inside view – https://t.co/bSyyaVLxz1
  • sets out counter-terror programme for next five years – https://t.co/Wlj3ODpJNQ
  • – Parliamentary committee on : Imams should know Dutch or French. – https://t.co/1LX6Oa4ugm

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