Terrorism Telegram Newsline – October 26

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  • – Red Cross says has access to families held near Mosul – https://t.co/V2l7OOv23n
  • – Virtually no ‘dangerous’ German Islamists wearing electronic ankle bracelets – https://t.co/rqprNQWMGz
  • Tracing change over time among English-language sympathizers on – https://t.co/s6zVMomJeE
  • – UN & chemical weapons watchdog experts blame Syria for a sarin attack in April that killed over 90 people. (AP)
  • – 25-year-old islamist deported to – https://t.co/nnMXtOt8MW
  • ‘s appeal to Western women: police recommendations (via ) – https://t.co/Ft7r3v5Tek

  • Gran Vía sealed off. Individual abandoned car. Police on scene.
    ** No danger.
  • – Somalia’s stones woman to death for cheating on husband – https://t.co/jFwsXbKj2C
  • – 3 members killed, 2 injured – https://t.co/UpF0CoDCYp
  • – Anarchist Cookbook case: Student Joshua Walker cleared – https://t.co/y2lLyMK4Qb
  • – National Action: Leader of neo-Nazi terrorist group charged with encouragement to murder Labour MP – https://t.co/QilRwmVU9t
  • – 4 under arrest as part of a probe into an attack on a police officer in 2 years ago. https://t.co/fMEAeF5NuT
  • – Arson attack on Gendarmerie office: terrorist motive is a possibility – https://t.co/l0fjKhAtER
  • – Bail hearing for Honduran charged in Florida mall bomb plot – https://t.co/DipHcrhQMG
  • ’s military commission chief among 7 killed in Wardak operations – https://t.co/tWqugTn1q3
  • – Ypsilanti suspect linked to – https://t.co/dKRKjWChDW
  • to use private guards in counter-terror strategy to identify potential threats – https://t.co/anv6U4qWHf
  • Recommended reading – Came out yesterday, by : “Le combat vous a été prescrit”, ISBN 978-2-234-08250-2.
  • – Hate speech: files charge sheet against Zakir Naik for inciting terror – https://t.co/dFSbzuyxug
  • – Syrian Army breaks through lines in Deir Ezzor, enters Ummal District – https://t.co/JFXuPjHZcM
  •  – https://twitter.com/AlSuraEnglish/status/923497573054164992
  • strapped suicide bombs to them. Somehow these teenage girls survived. – https://t.co/OVeKzkG26T
  • – Committee to follow up on advises of Parliamentary Investigative Committee – https://t.co/2l266faz2j
  • – Press Club bombed amid newspaper blockade in – https://t.co/VufK6aXmjI


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