Terrorism Telegram Newsline – October 27

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  • – Shots fired near mosque. Assailants are situated in a primary school for the time being. (Radio Omega). The school reportedly is on fire.
  • – American sentenced to 20 years for joining – https://t.co/vsMzzUBWsY
  • – 1 officer killed, 8 injured –
  • – Militants attack Bahrain police bus, policemen wounded – https://t.co/peozgUdJCB
  • – Mobile phone trader ‘collected funds’ for , PNP says – https://t.co/j2MzbG6S59
  • – Railway co installed concrete blocks to protect central station from vehicular attacks – https://t.co/GgT8ztLaXn
  • – ANP leader Abdul Razzak, brother killed in Balochistan blast –
  • pushes out supporters, but shift may hinder , study finds – https://t.co/IRkvyfFPxB
  • – Man convicted of trying to frame his brother-in-law for terror offences –
  • – High ranking commander killed by roadside bombing in northern Daraa – https://t.co/agdkafgONY

  • – The 4 have been released unconditionally – https://t.co/kRjHl2NOW5
  • Bomb blast hits train in southwestern Baluchistan province. Preliminary toll: 6 injured. (Railway spox)
    ** The blast reportedly targeted a passenger train.
    ** Train services from have been suspended
  • – Army kills 12 terrorists – https://t.co/NHQFMOFi3Y
  • Reports of assassination attempt against head of security forces in Gaza (i24).
    ** Bombing took place when Abu Naim left prayers @ main mosque in the camp in central Gaza.
    **  has imposed a gag order. Bomb was reportedly put under the front seat of his vehicle. (To be confirmed)
    ** Popular Resistance Committees, ‘s 3rd most armed faction, blamed bombing on Israel, called for a “relentless response”.
  • – 5 men allegedly planning to attack rival village arrested with bomb-making devices – https://t.co/eRR36KRoWa

  • – 3 FTFs sentenced in absentia to 5 years in jail for threatening to kill their brother – https://t.co/hqpxL8jpgZ
  • – Birmingham Christmas market steps up armed police presence – https://t.co/bCieIYkv4g
  • – Army forces kill 25 members west of Anbar – https://t.co/MStpcSD0H1

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