Terrorism Telegram Newsline – November 1

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  • – New study: Ideological motivations of terrorism in the US, 1970-2016 – https://t.co/qe1Z14j19m
  • – 33-year-old deceased US victim Darren Drake (via NY City Alerts).

  •   releases material from ‘s compound – https://t.co/VLvC5tFqCh
  • NY resident charged with providing material support to , extradited to – https://t.co/fuI2V9Nfkb
  • – State Department amends terrorist designations of Abdallah Azzam Brigades.
  • – Deceased Belgian victim is 31-year-old Ann-Laure Decadt, a mother of 2 (1 3-month-old & 1 3-year-old).

  • – Rocket which police say is designed “to attack armoured vehicles and kill occupants” found in bomb alert. (itv)
  • – More information on the attacker has been released: https://t.co/rNI7qhLrFp
  • – Russian bombers hit militant targets in Syria’s Deir al-Zor: agencies – https://t.co/X5zy3LaoFb
  • Info – ‘s October newsletter is out – https://t.co/JqQLpE9JeX
  • – Civilian jumped out of his car and knocked down the attacker – https://t.co/bUx7BHTMRG
  • – Indonesian national Muhamad ilham Syahputra arrested on suspicion of being member of the -linked group (MB)
  • End of the state of emergency: what does the new anti-terror law change? – https://t.co/C8ZS8XcWT2
    ** The official government documents – https://t.co/pmi794fQpo
  • 5 Argentinians have been killed in the attack – https://pbs.twimg.com/card_img/921769402147790848/x8qeb7ZJ?format=jpg&name=280×280
    ** Update on Belgian deceased victim: – 31-year-old woman – Living in , – Was on a city trip
    ** 3 wounded Belgian victims: – 3 members of 1 family: father, mother & son – had to undergo surgery – no details on condition
    ** Update on the Argentinian victims: – They were celebrating high school reunion – Graduated from an institution in
    ** The deceased Argentinian victims: – Hernán Mendoza – Diego Angelini – Alejandro Pagnucco – Ariel Erlij – Hernán Ferruchi
    ** NY attacker ‘associated with ‘: NY governor.
    **  in , NJ has been under surveillance. Mosque visited by suspect – https://t.co/r11BQ9drhF
    ** NYC terror suspect brags about attack from hospital bed – https://t.co/fjedadWKsF
    ** New press conference – https://t.co/mfYt7YFUE4
    ** “Suspect had been planning attack for weeks and did it in the name of “: Deputy commissioner for intelligence
    ** The note the suspect left behind reads “Islamic State will endure forever”: Deputy commissioner
    ** Note that this is a sentence proposed in issue 3 of its magazine. Back then they gave 2 possibilities: – “The Islamic State will remain” – “I am a soldier of the Islamic State” They said to launch the note from the vehicle’s window during the execution of the attack
    **  confirms the attacker was a driver – https://t.co/qucJWwZhtH
    ** Pro- media group’s channel posts propaganda poster celebrating the attack and threatens with more.
    ** 2 of the 3 wounded Belgian victims are still in critical condition.
    **  releases material from ‘s compound – https://t.co/VLvC5tFqCh
    **  just released today’s news bulletin. No mention of attack.
    ** Federal prosecutors file terrorism charges against Sayfullo .
    ** “ had a bag of knives in the truck, but was unable to reach them before exiting.” – Court documents
    ** “During the interview with law enforcement, requested to display ‘s flag in his hospital room…” – Court docs
    ** Mukhammadzoir has been located: FBI.

  • – Suspected Islamist detained after wounding two policemen in knife attack near parliament: MoI.
  • – 2 civilians injured in blast in Hayy Ur neighborhood – https://t.co/ysMEvhDgS9

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