Terrorism Telegram Newsline – November 2

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  • states Manhattan attack was carried out by a soldier of .
  • executes top leaders in Qa’im – https://t.co/rQ1HoQ8dBw
  • – Trump administration is considering putting on the “state sponsor of terrorism” list: McMaster.
  • – Abdelkader found guilty of participation in a terrorist organization.
  • – US Embassy in Baghdad says it received ‘credible threat’ info of a possible terror attack on Baghdad Mall. (TBP)
  • – Iraq not equipped to try ‘s atrocities in Mosul: UN – https://t.co/c9MV2nnmUg
  • – Landmine explosion: 1 injured – https://t.co/bL61Rh0qGS
  • – 31 terrorists neutralized in SE Turkey – https://t.co/Ti6PMCqSN4
  • – 1 of the 2 stabbed officers died.
  • evacuated due to the discovery of 2 suspicious packages.
    ** Forum reopened. False alert.
  • – Terror financiers who ripped off pensioners pay back 20k – https://t.co/shTp1EYKUE

  • claims it is behind the explosion at an oil refinery on October 11 – https://t.co/HytH6Lvuqo
  • – Young boys arrested before joining ranks – https://t.co/qsij2eq0o5
  • – 1 under arrest on charges of apology of terrorism after he celebrated the attack – https://t.co/Snn0siuf1h
  • – Eight security personnel killed in clash with – https://t.co/bacVvnA2C0
  • – 2 stragglers, including ’s alleged right-hand man, killed in Marawi – https://t.co/BmqGaYnP0l
  • Manchester attack: UK police request extradition of Salman ‘s brother from – https://t.co/P9Lq3bTu5E
    **  Spox for Libyan armed group holding brother of the Manchester bomber says it will not extradite Hashem Abedi to the UK.

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