Terrorism Telegram Newsline – November 10

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  • claims suicide bombing on Russian Army convoy near Khmeimim Air Base – https://t.co/A4ZO2OxVUB
  • – Saudi embassy says a Saudi national was kidnapped in Lebanon – https://t.co/NOZz9HAXg6
  • – Toronto-area woman facing terror charges in alleged Canadian Tire attack to be tried in 2018 – https://t.co/MB17dbZvrC
  • – Homeland Security bulletin warns of weaponized drones and threat to aviation – https://t.co/chaDdVAsc6
  • – Teenage terrorists arrested in 2016 were guided by an imam in Syria, who was active in suburbs until 2015. They wanted to attack the Antwerp central station and a politician – https://t.co/0fvuaK2sOG
  • Possible vehicular attack.
    ** 3 injured, of whom 2 severely. Suspect under arrest. (LCI)
    ** Car deliberately drove into crowd. Judicial police of leading investigation at this point.
    ** 2 victims are in a life threatening condition.
    ** Psychological profile of the suspect is being investigated. He is known for some common right crimes, and does not have a “Fiche S”.
    ** Anti-terror prosecutors not involved for the time being
    ** Suspect born in 1989. Already known for mental health problems. Believed to be suffering from acute schizophrenia.
    ** Investigation for attempted murder opened. Suspect told investigators he had been preparing his act for about a month: prosecutor.
  • – Gunmen target a transport convoy. At least 9 truck drivers shot and killed, their vehicles torched – https://t.co/2kguPIgefg
  • has declared war on Lebanon and , says Hezbollah leader Hassan – https://t.co/mpOvmXZFyP
  • – 2 people with close ties arrested – https://t.co/RFUnVm3GsI
  •   – Anarchists claim having torched 3 prison guards’ cars – https://t.co/ZhZdY0xR85
  • – Swedish radio station hijacked to play recruitment song – https://t.co/zC8RedrS3g
  • – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines to discuss cooperation in counter-terrorism – https://t.co/TZjQ84xLZb
  • workshop on December 5 – https://t.co/ePJZfbn5Is
  • – Knife attacker charged with murder & attempted murder, but no terrorism charges – https://t.co/6Qe0tNvQu9
  • says leader was spotted in Syrian town -https://t.co/OJevNMWTqj
  • – Syrian army preparing for large-scale offensive at Hama-Idlib border – https://t.co/2gIHkBRY9E
  • jihadists retake nearly half of Syria border town: monitor (AFP)
  • – Trial against terror suspect Hasan A starts today – https://t.co/rXysLke3xY
  • – Turkish police arrest at least 82 suspects in Istanbul, including former fighters – https://t.co/8ijrEuEp5m
  • – Terrorists fire upon police vehicle. No injuries reported. (ANI)
  • – Security forces have arrested 3 Naxals.
  • – Police arrest terrorist with hand grenades – https://t.co/O8U5QF2Dcq

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