Terrorism Telegram Newsline – November 12

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  • – European CT coordinator Gilles de Kerckhove is concerned about new kinds of terror attacks, but is confident our vulnerability is decreasing – https://t.co/C9JtqlXXYL
  • – “‘ will to attack us, is intact”: Laurent Nunez, domestic intel chief – https://t.co/Ups88Zrdge
  • – “Viable pipe bomb” found at Remembrance Sunday event in Northern Ireland, police confirm – https://t.co/g670HBVRk4
  • – Bomb blast leaves six people killed, injured in northern Baghdad – https://t.co/y3gdHrtG0n
  • members arrested over bomb plot – https://t.co/HRxwCyiDLk
  • – Police detain 34 foreign suspects – https://t.co/lb5MysaV2G
  • – Grenade attack @ a concert. Approx 20 injured. – https://t.co/lC6XlGiVfx
  • Strengthening the ‘s strategic approach to countering terrorism – via – https://t.co/tdpLAWrfjp

  • – 8 members surrendered – https://t.co/yALa10KWqS
  • – Four rangers injured in Yala bomb explosion – https://t.co/Hj6JTY6MLb
  • – By 2020, 60 pct of those sentenced on terrorism charges since 2013, will have served their sentence. In theory, they could be set free. https://twitter.com/CAT_Centre/status/929639283052380160

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