Terrorism Telegram Newsline – November 13

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  • – Gunfights erupt between terrorists and security forces in Kulgam, Pulwama – https://t.co/Im97Pr2KPh
  • – Ten terrorists killed in clash on Pakistan-Afghan border – https://t.co/TsYZJlfV4N
  • – 2 viable pipe bomb type devices recovered and taken away for further investigation.

  • – Armed police storm Bullring in pre-Christmas terror drill – https://t.co/e522iymHsa
  • – The BBC has uncovered details of a secret deal that let hundreds of fighters and their families escape from Raqqa, under the gaze of the US and British-led coalition and Kurdish-led forces who control the city. – https://t.co/pezmTDw5bk
  • – Revealed: ‘Fake news’ Twitter account that tried to whip-up racial tension in UK with photo of ‘Muslim woman ignoring the terror attack’ was run from Russia – https://t.co/aMYBhuZlN3
  • – 20 arrested during joint operation ‘Prahar’.
  • – 2 members detonate themselves in the airport – https://t.co/3ebo09Dzls
  • arrests Islamic Jihad leader in West Bank – https://t.co/o4dJmqAYSj
  • – 8 terrorists killed, 140 explosives seized in Salahuddin – https://t.co/zl7scSxOHP

  • – Copenhagen airport says Turkey’s Atlasglobal threatened, closes some gates – https://t.co/dzw9s7JSWX
  • – 2 terrorists killed – https://t.co/0CohpuVVkO
  • – Terror suspect Laura H sentenced to 2 years in jail (13 months suspended). Does not have to go to prison again. – https://t.co/l7ORoe1RvF
  • – Terrorists attack police. No details yet. (India TV)
  • – Detectives investigating the security alert in Omagh at the weekend appeal for drivers with dash cam footage who were in the Drumragh Road area on Saturday night to examine it.
  • – 3 former -terrorists are wanted. Do not approach them, they might be armed. – https://t.co/ENlRxZc8FX
  • – Man detained for allegedly threatening to hijack Mumbai- bound Jet Airways flight at Cochin International Airport. (WNI)
  • – 2 charged with attempting to join – https://t.co/tjiHi7z8iR
  • – Today, 2 years ago, the took place. It all started at 10am, with an exercise, to be prepared for exactly that kind of attack.

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