Terrorism Telegram Newsline – November 14

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  • – Black cab drivers to be trained to deal with terrorism, acid attacks and emergencies – https://t.co/u7P1MmOUIy
  • – Police took extra security measures after credible intel on a possible attack against the Belgium-Japan football game – – https://t.co/Kg7fYvLkyf
  • has not given any answer about the Venezuelan children it recruited – https://t.co/CM3BBOS0xg
  • – 2 high-ranking members, brothers from in , allegedly killed in US air strike – https://t.co/GHl3cIfmHo
  • France, Paris – Place Vendôme sealed off due to the discovery of a suspicious package during a manifestation.
    ** Acc to an AP journalist on scene, a delivery truck was found abandoned. Bomb squad is verifying its contents. (Pic: S. Roy)
    ** Security perimeter is being enlarged.
    ** Area cleared. False alert.
  • – Extra security measures for Christmas markets – https://t.co/HlrD46NIOw
  • – Girl, 14, arrested on suspicion of terrorism offence in south London – https://t.co/WPq1EoyaMJ
  • – 1 terrorist detained, while another turned himself in in – https://t.co/Er170OGqQP
  • attacks in France & Belgium may have been part of one larger, coordinated plot, prosecutor says – https://t.co/1waIIekiM4
    ** Searches in Brussels too, at the holding, who owns part of – https://t.co/2e7vKFUb1E
  • – Teen accused of planning terror attack on Cardiff ‘declared himself a soldier of ‘ – https://t.co/bpUSqYdgHb
  • – Denmark’s highest court stripped a Danish-born man who was recruited into of his citizenship – https://t.co/PzSxb9kj7o
  • – Washington prepares radio programming intended to curb Islamic State recruitment efforts in Central Asia – https://t.co/5I3j0V08iN
  • – Car bomb targets US, AU military convoy – https://t.co/hqpPsWWw4T
  • – Climate change and water woes drove recruiting in Iraq (via ) –  https://t.co/Ob6rV4GE3z
  • – FSB, Interior Ministry nab 69 extremists from terror-linked group (Tabligi Jamaat) in Moscow suburb raid – https://t.co/Dwt9pnmIsQ
  • – Jihadist activity in Spain 2013-2017 – https://t.co/PG45awOb6p
  • – Indirect terrorism financing: search warrant @ – https://t.co/lO84SZXsxM
  • – Deadly shrine bombing plot foiled – https://t.co/Ybvr7VVdZN
  • – Anti-terrorism campaign aims to teach British teens how to react during an attack – https://t.co/Ec9CvIYTRy

  • – Terror money for murderers of Hadas Malka confiscated – https://t.co/NUGk1fdUc6
  • – Anarchists have claimed an arson attack on , a contractor participating in a prison expansion project. The same company was attacked earlier this year too. – https://t.co/aR6WWbM0dC
  • attack multiple checkpoints: at least 22 officers killed and 15 others wounded. – https://t.co/g6dKe7MlKM
  • – 1 detained on suspicion of having links with a terrorist group – https://t.co/E0n8dZnQ8S
  • – Army retakes 6 villages from – https://t.co/AVUGfrw0G4
  • – Suicide bombers kill at least six in attack in Yemeni city: witnesses – https://t.co/QoYVaHL5Xo
    ** Claimed by .

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