Terrorism Telegram Newsline – November 18

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  • – Car passenger threatens police officers with an object and shouts Allah Akbar during a check at a toll booth. He was shot, underwent surgery and is in serious condition in ICU. – https://t.co/0rpiJALrb0
  • – Over 5,000 villagers displaced after clashes between the military and Bangsomoro Islamic Freedom Fighters () – https://t.co/ST82MiW1tX
  • – A 35-year-old Tunisian, armed with a knife, detained near Paris’ Grand Mosque – https://t.co/34hMbbMcXu
  • – Suicide bomber arrested by Iraqi police in Dhi Qar – https://t.co/X4hgPC7RIj
  • – IED planted near Hospital Chok in Bensisahara Municipality defused – https://t.co/KJuqqQaQIM
  • – 3 civilians injured in blast north of Mosul – https://t.co/rwIVG8DitX

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