Terrorism Telegram Newsline – November 24

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  • – Terror suspect barred from McDonald’s because it has internet access – https://t.co/KDjIs3uFG8
  • – CTD shoots dead four alleged terrorists – https://t.co/tlO8RNoyNm
  • – € 13 million extra to combat terrorism – https://t.co/zz99gAho8E
  • commander killed in airstrike – https://t.co/xEhBa04VlU
  • – 1 of the survivors, Guillaume Valette, has committed suicide last Saturday night. He had always refused help after the attack and wanted to stay alone. – https://t.co/fP7oscXFfp
  • plotting to drop biological bombs from drones on European cities, EU terror chief de Kerckhove warns – https://t.co/9GEguyHdqs
  • – Man arrested on suspicion of dissemination of terrorist material – https://t.co/8cTiRD7Z3I
  • Police are responding to a number of reports of shots fired and are treating it as a terrorist incident. No casualties found.
    ** Stay inside buildings until further police notice. Avoid entire Oxford Circus area.
    ** Avoid entire and area. Remain inside buildings until further notice. Oxford Circus and Bond Street stations stay closed.
    ** 1 woman who sustained minor injuries when leaving Oxford Circus station. No other reported casualties.
    ** So far: no trace of any suspects, shots or casualties. Police continue to search the area. If inside: stay inside. If outside: leave the area.
    ** Oxford Circus and Bond Street stations reopened. Trains are stopping normally.
    ** London Ambulance Service checked over and treated several patients: 7 discharged at the scene, 8 taken to hospital for minor injuries and 1 to a major trauma center for leg injuries.
  • – Imam found guilty of incitement to violence – https://t.co/1H62u9PzOA

  • – Bomb attack on a mosque. Dozens feared dead. – https://t.co/4DgpUJOelC
    ** Preliminary toll: 25 killed, 80 injured.
    ** – State media: 50 killed – Ministry: 75 injured
    ** Looks like a complex attack: – First attack against worshippers – Second attack ambushing/targeting EMS services and other security services
    ** Latest UNCONFIRMED toll: 54 killed, 75 injured.
    ** President to hold an emergency security meeting.
    ** Updated toll: 85 killed, 80 injured
    ** Government has declared 3 days of mourning
    ** Updated preliminary toll: 155 killed
    ** Death toll rises to 184
    ** State of emergency declared in northern .
    ** Death toll rises to 200+
    ** Updated preliminary toll: 235 killed, 109 injured
    ** President Sisi to make a statement shortly
    ** All religious sites in to be secured by police and/or army.
    ** Egypt’s Sisi vows ‘brutal’ response to suspected Islamist attackers.
    ** CT-operation named “Operation Revenge of the Martyrs” has been launched. Currently drones and helicopters around Ber Al-Abed.
    ** Reports emerging around 30 alleged terrorists were already killed. To be confirmed.
    ** Tonight, from midnight, I will turn my lights off to pay tribute to the victims of the Egypt attack.
    ** The has gone dark
    ** The Egyptian army destroyed a few pickup trucks in retaliation of today’s terrorist attack. (Egyptian Army)
    ** Death toll climbs to 300
    ** Death toll now @ 305
    ** Attackers were carrying flag and were between 25 and 30 in number: prosecutor
    ** Security alert raised to highest level throughout the country.

  • – Iraqi army gears up to liberate Tikrit island from militants: Commander – https://t.co/Kf0nANl3EV
  • – 2 militants killed, several terrorist hideouts destroyed – https://t.co/Mc0BZuyoKV
  • – MINUSMA pushes back an attack during a coordinated operation. At least 3 Blue Helmets killed, several others (critically) injured – https://t.co/AgDD0nnjn5
  • captures 6 more villages in northeast Hama – https://t.co/EIikYRWeTG
  • – Enemy plots, like , remain likely: Ayatollah Khamenei – https://t.co/1KlYhd0coH
  • – Pakistan releases alleged mastermind of 2008 Mumbai attacks – https://t.co/J5p1YA0Xq1
  • – Teen arrested after mum warns he’s ‘planning a terror attack’ – https://t.co/BNxYzW3gPF
  • peace agreement: Only 17 % of what was agreed in Havana has been fulfilled & FARC denounce the annihilation of “key elements” of the peace agreement – https://t.co/LUqZksBCbX
  • – Suicide blast kills senior police official, body guard, leaves five injured – https://t.co/hGUS0AkuIL
  • – Syrian member walks around freely in the Netherlands – https://t.co/ViUmNn18NQ
  • – Female terrorist who participated in the and attacks seduced an MP and blackmails him – https://t.co/Of3BHOidAz

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