Terrorism Telegram Newsline – November 26

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  • – Red alert sirens sounding.
    ** False alert.
  • – 4 killed, 6 injured when attacking a check post – https://t.co/UNNqQ8YjMC
  • In October 2017, propaganda output was 85% less than it was at its peak in August 2015.
  • – US drone strike kills 7 suspected militants, security officials say -https://t.co/qDxgF0t4Xs
  • – Nuremberg Christmas market beefs up security for opening – https://t.co/D9Bj8gLUc9
  • – No commander will survive for long: Jaitley tells Pakistan after Hafiz `s release – https://t.co/xFXcPNNICo
  • – Today in 2008, the Mumbai attacks started. 12 coordinated attacks around the city were carried out by Lashkar-e-Taiba. Around 170 people were killed, and another 308 were wounded, in a siege that would last until November 29 – https://t.co/xmvvU18MqR


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