Terrorism Telegram Newsline – November 27

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  • – Suicide attack rocks leaving several wounded – https://t.co/VwufmdoTTI
  • – Nigerian troops kill 14 terrorists, rescue 30 who were held captive by them – https://t.co/h2bqKtVlXb
  • – Trapped terrorists want to be transferred to – https://t.co/rqcm5uwI7u
  • – English translation by Sura.
  • – 79 arrested for suspected links – https://t.co/OT8Jey4onL
  • – Counter-terrorism police have arrested a 20-year-old Victorian man who was allegedly planning to undertake a terrorist attack on New Year’s Eve in Melbourne. (Sky)
    ** More details on the arrest – https://t.co/x8nPxhS9mN
  • – Bomb attack & gunfire kill at least 17 and wound another 28 – https://t.co/ggMAohA7PT
  • – Boy, 17, found guilty of planning -inspired attack on Cardiff concert – https://t.co/vcKhn73RkO
  • – Terror threat to US rail puts law enforcement on alert – https://t.co/y4C8hD6lNk
  • threatens it will not disarm, threatens expansion – https://t.co/z09KXmuZAW
  • The jihadist plan to use women to launch the next incarnation of – https://t.co/bMv59m1ARq

  • – Guard against being used in terrorism financing: Republic Bank’s managing director Nigel Baptiste to NGOs – https://t.co/FBCZmLJb9P
  • – Indian para-trooper killed, 2 injured in Naxalite ambush in western state – https://t.co/yWnpKnLlLB
  • – 17-year-old Danish girl jailed for planning bomb attacks on schools – https://t.co/HJVY9Mgj5t
  • – Pakistani Lashkar terrorist caught alive – https://t.co/Kw8q27a1PI
  • – CRPF man injured in petrol bomb attack in Srinagar: Police – https://t.co/YxU8cGoAKX
  • – Syrian Army reaches another key town in northeast Hama – https://t.co/NgqzS43AfL
  • terror groups are sanctuaries for militants fleeing Syria and Iraq, says Malaysian Defence Minister – https://t.co/0ikV0LEEiQ
  • – Renewed call for witnesses and information on ex- members. https://twitter.com/PolizeiNI_lka/status/935070736972165120
  • – Men cleared of terrorism ties in high-profile border case – https://t.co/1nn7TS7SAb
  • – Trio accused of Melbourne mosque terrorism – https://t.co/fGGXINqzuS

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