Terrorism Telegram Newsline – November 29

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  • – 4 militants killed in gunfight, searches underway – https://t.co/C9sBbHaLvq
  • – Schoolboy charged with terror offense after Birmingham Airport arrest last summer – https://t.co/3QE2s0x4ZP
  • Very good read -> Comic explainer: what is lone-actor terrorism? https://t.co/KavXs5Ao3Q
  • Interesting read: New report for by . Countering violent extremism and radicalisation that lead to terrorism: ideas, recommendations and good practices from the region. – https://t.co/b1LAlK3wKq
  • note found at Mumbai airport, security stepped up – https://t.co/2STafrukHf
  • , over-ground worker surrenders in Jammu and Kashmir – https://t.co/sZbEKx7UJa
  • – Gunmen kill intelligence officer at Shi’ite mosque – https://t.co/y10Dv3Lii7
  • – Terrorism charges brought agains the 9 Turks held in Athens yesterday – https://t.co/3iESeJ0o3V
  • – Marawi: Winning the war after the battle – via – https://t.co/I54mDO82jX
  • – 2 men arrested under Terrorism Act as searches carried out in North Belfast – https://t.co/umK1Vj6R3D
  • is now using artificial intelligence to remove terror content – https://t.co/B3ogawZjpP
  • – Militants kill civilian in Baghdad – https://t.co/EZujmyNkqV
  • – Militia attack kills 43 in South Sudan’s Jonglei state – https://t.co/bTD2wU0qE1

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