Terrorism Telegram Newsline – November 30

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  • – 9 killed as burqa-clad militants storm Peshawar Agricultural Training Institute – https://t.co/7KOcyOfF6R
  • – 9 men, originally from the region & aged between 22 and 33, have been handed jail terms between 6 and 9 years. They were captured after they returned to France from Syria, where they fought in a group close to the – https://t.co/oJjCjoOJud
  • Review: The wider jihadi movement will take over where left off – https://t.co/oQczgYEZEl
  • – Israeli youth stabbed to death. – https://t.co/zpsns4xC96
  • – Terror charges dismissed against German soldier who posed as refugee – https://t.co/IEqjXQTRV2
  • ‘s rebels said a missile they have fired has “hit a target” in Saudi Arabia.
    ** Please note that this was said on Al-Massira, a controlled broadcaster.
  • – Death toll from October 14 truck bomb now at 512: probe committee – https://t.co/g8KBmxvUze
  • – 2 injured in blast in southern Baghdad – https://t.co/K47jopszZB
  • – 20 suspects arrested across Turkey – https://t.co/gFZ8Ug0HEH
  • – European jihad watch number 4, by – https://t.co/xM6aE2qRQo
  • – Palestinian hijacker Leila barred entry to Italy from – https://t.co/znwGtzOzq2
  • – 6 terrorists killed in military operation in Kirkuk’s Hawija – https://t.co/cbodRwtuL9
  • – Employee of baggage handler at Charleroi Brussels South Airport puts terrorist threats on . He is a union official too. – https://t.co/rWq5iW5lB3
  • – Israeli military strikes target in Gaza – https://t.co/10eKjupeeT
  • – ECHR rejects case concerning the expulsion from Germany to Russia of a man suspected of being willing to participate in terrorist attacks – https://t.co/eTlgd2neCp
  • – Palestinian rioter shot after attacking schoolchildren in W. Bank – https://t.co/3OH6bb0YZI
  • – Pub bombings: ordered to hand over interview with ex bomber to police – https://t.co/GYPCgQeF81
  • kills 2 terrorists – https://t.co/AqxUZ68yQt
  • ‘s goal is to develop tools and techniques to detect and analyze crime and terrorist activity on the internet.
  • – 15 suspects detained in anti- operations – https://t.co/cNMYPxNojN
  • – Decision on referral of Mehdi to the Court of Assize postponed until January 11, 2018 – https://t.co/U29ChHgAxx
  • – Terror has gripped candidates, leaders and voters after bomb explosions targeting candidates and their election publicity campaigns in different districts of Province 1. – https://t.co/oaQrCYldRN
  • – Anarchists have claimed yesterday’s spray paint “attack” against a police office @ Park. (The offices house the Operative Gruppe Jugendgewalt and the Zentrale Objektschutz.) – https://t.co/OepdCrmcBT
  • – Jihadists recover several areas they lost in southern Aleppo – https://t.co/K30MusvX62
  • bomber with P1.3-M bounty arrested – https://t.co/h6fTKry05T

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