Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 1

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  • – Shutdown continues in Pakherpora against militant killings – https://t.co/eu4rzqkIMQ
  • – 4 explosions near private TV station, casualties feared. (1TV)
    ** Preliminary toll: 1 killed, 3 injured.
    ** Updated toll: 3 killed, 8 injured
  • – 17-year-old student charged with falsely reporting an incident and making a terroristic threat – https://t.co/Kl3WWuZP2s
  • – North Korea’s submarine-launched ballistic missile program advances: 2nd missile test stand barge almost operational – https://t.co/n5HGOGChUt
  • – For the 1st time since the Cold War, Hawaii tested its Civil Defense Sirens, amid worries of a North Korean attack.
  • – Swiss woman to face trial for ‘promoting jihad’ – https://t.co/aYjM6LqFNB
  • – Swiss intelligence says 100 people pose ‘high risk’ to security – https://t.co/1pOt1m4DgD
  • – 3 executives of suspected of indirect terrorism financing in Syria – https://t.co/PTpbxfpBxu
  • Graduate certificate in terrorism analysis – https://twitter.com/START_UMD/status/936671425364221954
  • – Man who posed as a victim of the sentenced to 6 months for attempted fraud – https://t.co/iFch0jhBdI
  • – House of director of Shiite Waqf in Diyala targeted with hand grenade – https://t.co/rnyAJ3vPif
  • – 2 soldiers, 12 militants killed in an ambush – https://t.co/2QRWKSVTJy
  • recruiting again; martial law extension eyed – https://t.co/q6ZMoNC6DW

  • – Area around Brandenburger Strasse evacuated due to suspicious package. Same area as Christmas market. Please follow police instructions. 
    ** Christmas Market sealed off from Lindenstr. until H&M store, and the Dortusstrasse. Shops & restaurants are affected too.
    ** The suspicious package was delivered to a pharmacy. “Suspicious wires and technology” were discovered inside.
    ** Suspicion of IED confirmed. Area will be cleared. Please follow police instructions immediately!!!
    ** Police spokesperson Torsten Herbst is on his way to the corner of the Dortustrasse and Charlottenstrasse. Members of the press are asked to gather there.
    ** At this point, an IED is confirmed, but unclear if it is an explosive or incendiary device: police.
    ** Controlled explosion of the suspicious package has been carried out: police.
    ** Police are still examining the package
    ** Interior Minister for the region, Schröter, says nails were inside the package. Still unclear if explosives inside
    ** Area currently sealed off: Lindenstrasse, Charlottenstrasse, Jägerstrasse & Gutenbergstrasse
    ** Police on scene have now deployed a sniffer dog and are again asking not to spread any rumors.
    **  cylindrical device, containing cables, batteries and nails was found. No detonator found yet: police.
    ** Only a part of the Christmas market in the Brandenburgerstrasse is sealed off. Area not yet released
    ** Explosives found in the package, but no detonator found (yet): Interior Minister @ press conference.
    ** Police will increase their presence at the Christmas market.
    ** In the area and need to warm up? Potsdam fire dept installed a bus @ corner of Charlottenstrasse and Dortustrasse.
    ** Sniffer dogs have finished searching the inner city. Nothing suspicious was found
    ** Press release – https://t.co/4HLWTDuj08
  • – For the latest info on the evacuation in Potsdam, you can download our TerrorMate app too. Links below – https://twitter.com/TerrorEvents/status/924700152090292224

  • – 4 Syrian refugees arrested on suspicion of terrorist activities – https://t.co/riLHqY9mHD
  • Taking on ‘foreign fighters’: How the West tracks – and targets – jihadis fleeing the collapse of – https://t.co/2A4ew9wCXm
  • – Drones target compound in Nangarhar leaving 12 dead, wounded – https://t.co/7RO1T2Wys8
  • – Decision taken to keep 1,000 soldiers on the streets until January 2, 2018. There will also be a reserve of 150 soldiers who will be deployable immediately. – https://t.co/uZ1WcwS4Gl
  • – The 2 were remanded in custody accused of test firing a gun in preparation for acts of terrorism – https://t.co/FPzellhpv1
  • – Philippines seeks rebellion charges for extremist’s widow – https://t.co/6B3BuHAyJl
  • – 2 Indian nationals arrested in possession of explosives – https://t.co/xuyJjGIKpq
  • – Death toll rises to 12.
  • Anarchists are calling for a “Black December” – https://t.co/aDhuC9XCjO
  • – Prosecutors are investigating possible links between terrorism & art objects at an arts fair – https://t.co/tBzwbZAPZv
  • – PM Yildirim states the is on the brink of being defeated – https://t.co/yQXd9IL2Ak
  • – CUTA database of home grown terrorist fighters and hate preachers now contains: – 30 hate preachers – 14 foreign preachers – 80 home grown terrorist fighters (MoI) – https://twitter.com/JanJambon/status/936546874164678656
  • – Georgia announced its security forces neutralized during their CT-ops. He was the mastermind behind Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport attack.
  • – Can taking down websites really stop terrorists and hate groups? – https://t.co/EiR6nnC2gO
  • – Finnish court bans neo-Nazi group – https://t.co/GjN749TbnY
  • – 16 areas in Iloilo alerted for more attacks – https://t.co/bgTzKTvctf
  • – Anti- raids @ 12 addresses in 8 districts: 62 foreign nationals detained – https://t.co/tPd2euGc3w
  • – 3 terrorists neutralized – https://t.co/wiEsTZQCF5
  • – 2 female minors sentenced for having posted terrorist threats on Facebook – https://t.co/EghmtrltNH
  • – So-called “Black Widow of Jihad” Malika El Aroud stripped of Belgian citizenship. She was married to 2 jihadis and was herself sentenced on terrorism charges. – https://t.co/awyxcnrncH
  • – 1987 Enniskillen bomb: Police missed opportunities in pursuit of bombers, new report claims – https://t.co/fUvD4M8o0X

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