Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 2

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  • – Police found an RPG launcher loaded with a projectile in a wood in northern Stockholm on Friday – https://t.co/0I9xUVgNBM
    ** – Crime – Terrorism (recent) – Terrorism (older): in 1988, a weapons cache was discovered in a forest north of Stockholm. Weapons were used by terrorists who were trained by the Stasi.
  • Since apparently just publishing a claim is not enough, some comments:
    – We did not say they did it, it’s just a claim – The alleged group calls itself Harakat Abna’ Yeshua – Poster is spread through pro-IS channels – Never heard of the group before – Does the artwork resemble that of another pro- group? Yes. – Did IS threaten that specific mosque prior to the attack? Yes. – Is it likely IS is behind the attack? Yes. Is it 100 pct sure? No. Did they claim it? No.

  • – Radical Christian group, “The Sons of Jesus”, claimed the mosque attack that killed 309.
  • – Border Security Force seized huge cache of Maoist arms & explosives – https://t.co/BFBqZZ3KrY
  • – Suspected suicide bombers kill at least 12 in Nigeria: officials – https://t.co/XbZd8GBd58
  • – Erdoğan says 100 terrorists killed last week – https://t.co/cFzhhGpc9B
  • – 5 injured in bomb blast north of Baghdad – https://t.co/fVZoQMw75R
  • – Claimed by , through .
  • – Explosion wounds 4 – https://t.co/D6hr0KudI5
  • – Traveling through this afternoon? Large emergency drill -> no need to worry. Keep calm and carry on. – https://twitter.com/BrusselsAirport/status/936893664453726210
  • – After preliminary investigations, police think it’s unlikely the Christmas market was the target.
  • – Nepal Army defuses a bomb near the Sinai English School – https://t.co/KW7NhwNJgd

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