Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 3

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  • claims to have killed a senior military officer – https://t.co/6VJOP9jCd1
  • – Man (32), believed to be radicalized, arrested. He allegedly threatened the Saint-Nicolas festivities. – https://t.co/CDI4R9Nq1d
  • – Police believe the Christmas market was not the target of the bomb parcel. They believe however this is connected to a blackmail attempt of which DHL is the victim.
    ** The blackmailers are demanding millions. Police are investigating on charges of blackmail and causing an explosion.
    ** Police found small paper on scene, with a QR code. After having scanned that code, a blackmail message was found. Target: DHL parcel service.
    ** Police day it is likely similar packages might be found. The perpetrators are willingly endangering human lives and people’s health, police chief Mörke says.
    ** If you have any tips, call +49 331 50 59 50. Police are doing everything they can to contain the threat and are in close contact with DHL.
    ** Police say small companies are affected at this point. They can however not exclude similar packages might be mailed to private citizens.
    ** Indications of such packages could include: – No or incomplete information of the sender – Very clear spelling mistakes – Stains or discoloration of the package – Wires or other remarkable issues with the package
    ** Police urge anyone who receives such a package to call them immediately. Don’t ever open the package yourself.
    ** At this point, police have no knowledge of any further packages in circulation. Not locally, nor in other parts of Germany.
    ** Police are asking for your help.
  • – NGO official shot dead – https://t.co/6G3tpl3grH
  • – Reports emerging the alleged missile fell inside Yemen, in al-Jawf. Some names have been written on it.
  • – German intel services fear returning children – https://t.co/OyeaBxYRt2
  • – 3 would-be suicide bombers arrested – https://t.co/MjIwP8ShNG
  • – 5 killed, 7 injured in Jalalabad bombing – https://t.co/uzzliJzL1J
  • – Explosives recovered near police post on India-Nepal border – https://t.co/X7MJyRIscf
  • – Claims that Houthis fired a missile at Abu Dhabi’s nuclear reactor from . Note: – No proof they launched it – No proof of any impact – Media claiming this, are and/or linked
  • – According to GLZ Radio, Tunisian security forces arrested 2 men on Friday. GLZ claims they were planning an attack against a synagogue in Tunis.
  • leader arrested in poor districts of Mosul: Deputy Commander – https://t.co/ESxdh9HqSB
  • – 3 terrorists killed during operation – https://t.co/ceCD5jBPtn
  • – 1 grenade defused, another goes off – https://t.co/LwdVXGPBaX
  • – Major terror plot foiled in after levies’ operation – https://t.co/cY0S4kkHEh

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