Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 4

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  • – Merkel to meet terror victims’ families after criticism over lack of condolences – https://t.co/FYQ0NvsS0o
  • When terrorists learn how to hack – https://t.co/g66CNZiRiZ
  • – British aid scheme suspended amid allegations of payments to Syrian jihadis – https://t.co/t7daFdeI19
  • – Police officer who allegedly withheld information after the attack against the Jewish museum has been cleared in appeal. – https://t.co/K065gyJqod
  • – Houthis blow up ex-President ’s house, death toll soars to 125 in Sanaa fighting – https://t.co/0ce0VoaS8W
    ** Meanwhile very graphic pictures of the ex-president’s dead body are circulating, but nothing has been officially confirmed.
    ** Yemen’s ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s General People’s Congress party confirms to that has been killed in bomb attack that destroyed his home, after Houthi-controlled interior ministry announces his death.
    ** U.N. humanitarian coordinator in Yemen calls for pause in Sanaa to allow civilians to leave their homes. (Reuters)
  • – Jordan court sentences Rukban bombing defendant to death – https://t.co/8hkwn696BC
  • – 2 arrested for killing soldier at Arad bus station – https://t.co/FP7QcukAPS
  • – Militants fire missiles into densely populated suburb of Damascus, 2 killed – https://t.co/QhigE8fKBo

  • – 2 soldiers, 4 members killed in South Cotabato encounter – https://t.co/nettHHxYnB
  • – DHL-package with possible explosive content received @ State Chancellery. Minister Ramelow says police have investigated the package and it might contain a grenade. It’s unclear if the possible grenade is armed.
    ** The package was allegedly delivered on Friday, but remained unopened on a shelf until today. It has not yet been established if this is related to the delivery of a bomb parcel in Potsdam last Friday.
  • – A week after the terrorist attack @ mosque, 5 militants have been killed in a raid – https://t.co/1SqTkFWug6
  • – Shopping street to get extra protection against terrorist attacks – https://t.co/FNQJAGrp4E
  • – Yemen’s Houthis blow up the house of ex-president Saleh in central Sanaa; his whereabouts are unknown – residents (Reuters)
  • – Police have now deleted the notice. Trying to get more info.
  • – IED defused not far away from hotel where PM was staying – https://t.co/IhduMqEVJc
  • – 11 injured in explosion targeting election rally – https://t.co/yAmC2ru7lG

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