Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 6

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  • – Netherlands stops supporting Syrian aid project over suspected extremist ties – https://t.co/dvcBC42NIs
  • – 3 (ex-) executives detained to find out what they knew about alleged indirect terrorism financing in Syria – https://t.co/FFNd3RJO76
  • – US files suit to seize antiquities looted by militants – https://t.co/A77renIlR6
  • – Two men, aged 45 and 55, arrested yesterday under the Terrorism Act by Detectives investigating ongoing dissident republican activity in the Strabane area have been released unconditionally.
  • – Palestinians warn new intifada possible as Trump recognises Jerusalem as Israel capital – https://t.co/aoi8WB9v9F
    **  says Trump’s decision opens “gates of hell”.
    ** Mohammed Dahlan, ex- security chief and exiled politician, says Palestinians should reject any future peace talks and halt security coordination with Israel – https://t.co/CUcGlnQ98D
    ** Iran’s foreign ministry says Trump’s Jerusalem proclamation “will provoke Muslims and inflame a new intifada” (i24)
    ** Urgent Security Council meeting called by 8 member nations, after the US recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.
  • official says a domestic terror statute would be helpful – https://t.co/TZlDvkJ3cw
  • – Commissioner General Catherine De Bolle of Belgium’s federal police elected as new director of Europol. She still has to be questioned by the EU parliament and has to be nominated @ an EU summit. She will replace current director Wainwright starting May 1, 2018.
  • – Senior police officer killed by – https://t.co/jS9UsTckPp
  • – The district governor says he got reports of many killed and injured. Security services are investigating the cause, but several sources indicate it might be a(n) (S)VBIED.
    ** The latest available figures indicate the camp houses 2,700 families, totaling around 12,500 people.
    ** First toll coming in: 2 killed, 2 injured.
  • – Explosion reported at refugee camp. Camp is near in region.
  • New article on our app – https://t.co/G3jzyhOhTp
  • declares ‘complete victory’ on both banks of in Syria – https://t.co/SNVop4Zp2G
  • – Man who wanted to travel to Syria, couldn’t go because he was in jail for other crimes. Sentenced last year for wanting to travel to Syria. And now sentenced again for threatening to rape police officers’ mothers. – https://t.co/oG6gLalqvY
  • – Last Friday’s ‘parcel bomber’ demanded € 10 million worth of – https://t.co/Oql7wofVre
  • – Man from Lancashire charged with terror offences – https://t.co/Vg6O0wbFJv
  • – Two terrorists killed in Swat – https://t.co/FSyYOvA32K
  • – Prince George’s ‘picture and school address sent by terror suspect to pals’ – https://t.co/wI48yf1w59
    ** This is an example of 1 of those posts we preferred not to publish at that time, but which was sent to security services. The message also mentioned an address and further info.

  • – Jaipur court sentences 8 terrorists to life imprisonment. (ANI)
  • – Corpses of 6 militants found in Mosul Old City – https://t.co/fUJF9VzMaK
  • – 20-year-old Naa’imur Zakariyah Rahman has been remanded in custody accused of a plot to kill Prime Minister Theresa May in a bomb and knife attack on Downing Street. (Sky)
  • – 4 vehicles loaded with bombs, heavy weapons seized in : police – https://t.co/YmT7ORvti1
  • begins mass retreat from Syria & Iraq to Egypt and the rest of North Africa – https://t.co/PDUayTUQPQ
  • – IED found and defused – https://t.co/Jf4KKahn5V
  • – Pakistan says actions taken against all terror groups including network – https://t.co/YANU6pZ5Mh
  • terrorists kidnap 4 civilians in Kirkuk – https://t.co/JMjQ5LVVdo
  • – Five people injured in bomb blast near Baghdad market – https://t.co/d8qnbOgBPX
  • – Drone strike leaves 25 terrorists dead – https://t.co/8quiQSdvcO
  • – Authorities confirm 13 were killed in a guerrilla attack last week. and dissidents clashed, killing 13, mostly civilians. – https://t.co/4f7tGv4FDc
  • – In connection with the ongoing investigation into the bomb parcel that was delivered to a pharmacy in on , police have released a graphic showing how such a package might look like and what to do if you were to receive one.
  • – Lawyer for man charged with terrorism-related offenses asks jury to shift context – https://t.co/xxqmS2VrQs

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