Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 7

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  • – Militant killed, another arrested over attack – https://t.co/Xbgf3DnWdP
  • – Irish border checkpoints would be terror targets, police chief warns – https://t.co/moZMv5OKQI
  • – Nepal Police arrested an organised group of 6 Communist Party of Nepal members with large bombs, arms and ammunition, thwarting a potentially deadly blast. – https://t.co/Nj1ci7z4Bg
    ** Over the last few days at least 61 firearms, 283 rounds of ammunition, 2,188 detonators, 555 gelignites, 12 kg of gunpowder, 253 meter of fuse wires, 580 firecrackers and other materials used for making socket bombs have been seized. (Police)
  • bomber’s friend found guilty of being sniper – https://t.co/4ZwIjf9qFr
  • – Senior counter terrorism police officer admits leaving confidential documents in car for five days before they were stolen – https://t.co/E1WuvImDeK
  • leader calls for a new intifada against Israel over Jerusalem – https://t.co/R6ukDGG2Bo
    **  condemns Trump’s announcement and says it’s not his property to give away to Jews. They remind Muslims of their religious duty to support Palestinian jihad with equipemt, money and arms and warn for “the sale of ”.
    ** Clashes between Israeli troops & Palestinian protesters in West Bank, Gaza – https://t.co/hGqwSVQ2U8
    ** Rocket sirens near border.
  • – Man wearing a Palestinian flag & allegedly shouting “Palestine and allah akbar” arrested while trashing a Jewish restaurant – https://t.co/zE4QuYsVl4
  • – Surge in white and female terror suspects pushes up the number of arrests to record high – https://t.co/csOzAPQNFs
  • – Dissident republican who plotted attack during Prince Charles’ visit jailed for eleven and a half years – https://t.co/SlEOqdOiR3
  • – Neo- military chief among 4 held – https://t.co/5PbR7c1gQy
  • – Explosion @ station. No injuries. – https://t.co/5GTweQkGq9
  • – Blogger reveals his identity – https://t.co/25plwUohZc

  • – 2 people arrested by counter-terrorism officers bailed – https://t.co/CYcutkHK4s

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