Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 8

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  • captures 85km2 of territory between Idlib and Hama – https://t.co/x7dTowdOPp
  • – The attack has been claimed by anarchists – https://t.co/6aUL7uVZpG
  • Code red sirens sounding in southern Israel, incoming rocket warning
    ** Iron Dome intercepts rocket fired from the Gaza Strip – https://t.co/0UnxFXrcJ3
    ** Another rocket fired towards Israel from Gaza
    ** Iron Dome intercepts Gaza rocket as sirens blare in south – https://t.co/RTRGcZW3XD
    ** Sirens continue in the south of Israel as more rockets are launched – https://t.co/okZVCK4Ig9
    ** Red alert again: Ibim, Gevim, Sapir Academic College, Nir Am, Sapirim Industrial Park, Sderot, Sha’ar Hanegev Industrial Zone. (Redalert)
    ** Gaza rocket hits Israeli town but failed to explode according to IDF
  • UN spokesman says 14 peacekeepers killed, over 40 injured in attack in Congo: AP
    ** Islamist extremist group prime suspect in attack that kills at least 14 UN peacekeepers and five soldiers – https://t.co/fjJb5WZEx3
  • – Palestinians report first death in protests against Trump shift on Jerusalem, say Gaza man killed by Israeli fire. (AP)
  • – China asks its citizens in Pakistan to be careful; warns of possible terror attacks on them – https://t.co/fbQJEOzbhi
  • – Muslim hacked to death then set on fire by Hindu in religious attack – https://t.co/W2piuGusiX
  • – Former CEO charged over terror financing allegations – https://t.co/G2cNXeEA2C

  • – 1 gendarme killed, 9 injured in an attack – https://t.co/T5vZpatFq3
  • – Explosion In Mosque Leaves One Dead – https://t.co/j5PrRq1Bjf
  • Explosion reported in . Huge protests in the city today amid Jerusalem case.
    ** The explosion occurred in the Sar-e-Karez Market and left two dead, at least six wounded: yewitnesses via Tolo
    ** Explosion update : 7 killed and 9 injured
  • – The U.S. Embassy in Khartoum on Thursday issued a travel warning for Americans living in Sudan to “avoid areas of demonstrations”
  • ’s major training facility busted – https://t.co/L9VVphxMMW

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