Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 9

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  • – Ex-Georgian President Saakashvili on “indefinite” hunger strike after second arrest – https://t.co/Na7zDAWjwy
  • – At least 2 killed after Israeli air force retaliated bombing multiple targets in the Gaza strip.
  • – Burning objects thrown at synagogue by around 20 masked men. Large police deployment. – https://t.co/2U6DlEXmhw
    ** Picture from the scene – NO injuries reported
    ** 3 arrests made – https://t.co/VckJYXr5cM
  • – Syrian Army seizes jackpot cache of weapons from – https://t.co/GNIyrHJDS9
  • – New convoy of troops enters Syrian territory, will be deployed in .
  • – NDS discovered a big cache of ammunition belonged to Taliban in Parwan province: Tolo
  • – Senior military commander says Iraq’s war against is over. (AP)
  • – Over 300 suspected militants surrender in – https://t.co/FmnlIQQF0s
  • – 2 Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes after Sderot attack, death toll rises to 4, Health Ministry reports. (i24)
  • – Car blast hits Iraqi forces convoy in Tikrit
  • – 16 terrorists killed in Iraqi airstrikes near Iraqi-Syrian border – https://t.co/NCvXRrEIYX
  • – Defer all non-essential travel to Pakistan: US tells citizens – https://t.co/Z4Z2XFPzQk

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