Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 10

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  • – Turkey remembers attack victims in Beşiktaş one year on – https://t.co/vjoTdMHpDQ
  • – The number of known salafis reaches an all-time high. Now @ 10,800 – https://t.co/SlABBQxKph
  • – Erdogan calls Israel ‘terrorist state’ and ‘killer of children’ (AFP)
  • – 2 terrorists killed – https://t.co/LNdZ9d1GjV
  • Israeli security guard stabbed at Jerusalem’s central bus station – https://t.co/OnZ1PLxyEb
    ** Police have neutralized the Palestinian suspect. The security guard was injured.
    ** Security guard seriously wounded in stabbing attack – https://t.co/QeeRvVEBGE
  • destroys cross-border terror tunnel, second in recent weeks – https://t.co/z2bgvgezSj
  • – Man in southwestern Ontario charged after family attacked with bat amid shouts of – https://t.co/tBweJK5HcC
  • – French fighters appear with in Afghanistan – https://t.co/py9he0ctAY
  • – Recently, terror organisation Jamaat-ud-Dawah held a massive rally & delivered emotional speeches and motivated the youth to join ‘jihad’ against India – https://t.co/Wtg2tigcy4

  • – District local police chief ALP was killed and, 4 police and a civilian were wounded in a blast in Khogyani district of province: Pahjwok
  • – Indian soldier kills four colleagues in Chhattisgarh, a region where Maoist rebels are active.
  • – 500 French FTFs are still in Syria and Iraq: French FM – https://t.co/CgGLknKvyv
  • – Swiss government seeks to boost police anti-terror powers – https://t.co/PNe5RwDIHj
  • plans to send more troops to Mali and Afghanistan – https://t.co/asSClunKkL
  • – The full text of PM Al-Abadi’s historic speech to the Iraqi people & the world announcing the end of in Iraq – https://t.co/4rCPyB32Sc
  • – Junaid : how Birmingham terrorist was linked to 30 plots across world – https://t.co/GYfkqkXgLK

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