Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 11

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  • – Chicago to form “vehicular terrorism task force” – https://t.co/RYi4H6mcud
  • – Security troops besiege militants hiding in tunnel, west of Anbar – https://t.co/1dCjOU0ogC
  • – McCaul releases December terror threat snapshot – https://t.co/FJ1z4xYlLM
  • – 24 y/o female detained after probable bomb parcel was found on Saturday – https://t.co/VRbiXmg32n
  • – Chicago beefs up transportation security after bomb – https://t.co/VQvb7cggd9
  • – Man detained in connection to terror attack in which 2 police officers (a couple) were killed. His DNA was found on the couple’s computer. – https://t.co/pOh4SgvY7L
    ** Suspect has been charged.
  • – Car bomb kills journalist – https://t.co/3PnCjnRjra
  • – The 3 who are under arrest, are 2 Syrians and 1 Palestinian. – https://t.co/yUCeP8X8iI
  • – Rocket launched into southern Israel. No injuries reported
  • – Another attempted attack against a synagogue, this time in Malmö – https://t.co/hXWXNpSDGH
  •  – https://twitter.com/ICCT_TheHague/status/940153547311763461
  • – Scores of militants surrender to security forces – https://t.co/J5ImgOxlsU
  • – Attack on Polish tourist bus is now being investigated as a terrorist attack – https://t.co/JJK7w31AV0

  • Explosion reported at Port Authority Bus Terminal – https://t.co/xyPrIGHNhU

    ** Explosion of unknown nature. Subway lines A, C and E cleared.
    ** Suspect in custody: Reuters.
    ** 1 person injured
    ** Port Authority Bus Terminal has now entirely been closed: Port Authority
    ** Consider alternative routes due to traffic/transit delays + make way for emergency services
    ** 1 non-life-threatening injury confirmed by FDNY
    ** New York city mayor en route to the scene of the incident
    ** One male suspect is in custody. No injuries other than suspect at this time. Keep avoiding the area
    ** Subways are bypassing the Port Authority and Times Square stations
    ** Explosion is being treated as terrorist attack
    ** Suspect attempted to detonate a homemade device. It either malfunctioned or did not go off the way it was supposed to
    ** Preliminary info: Male suspect in his 20’s who’s been in the US for 7 years, likely from Bangladesh
    ** Fire department reports a total of 4 injuries. All non-life-threatening
    ** Mayor de Blasio, Governor Cuomo and NYPD Commissioner O’Neill to give update shortly
    ** Suspect before being taken away to hospital. His residence in Brooklyn is now being searched
    ** Port Authority Bus Terminal reopened. Train services resumed, except for 42nd Street
    ** The explosive device used, was a low-tech device
    ** No additional threats at this point
    ** Explosion happened at 7.20 pm. 27-year-old male suspect is Akayedullah & he is now in Bellevue Hospital
    ** The 3 injured civilians suffered minor injuries
    ** suspect is Akayed Ullah
    ** Explosive was based on a pipe bomb, strapped to the body with zip ties and velcro. FBI bomb technicians investigating
    ** Police request: Any information on the suspect or incident? Call Terror Hotline at 888-NYC-SAFE immediately
    ** NYPD commissioner says the suspect has made statements, but he does not want to comment right now
    ** Anyone in need of extra support to process the trauma or stress can call 1-888-NYC-WELL.
    ** Update on victims: 4 civilians sustained minor injuries: NYPD
    ** The 27 y/o suspect, Akayed Ullah, intentionally detonated the explosive device he had strapped to his body: NYPD
    ** Bangladesh police chief says New York attack suspect Ullah is U.S. resident, has no criminal record in Bangladesh. Ullah last visited Bangladesh in September. (Reuters)
    ** Bomb used contained a Christmas tree light bulb and a battery. Potentially very lethal if it had worked correctly. – https://t.co/KGl9EXS6zV
    ** NYC bomber was inspired by Christmas attacks, officials say. He chose the location because of its Christmas-themed posters. He set off the bomb in retaliation for air strikes on targets in Syria and elsewhere – https://t.co/oVCTtSrkaR
    ** Saving lives is what it’s all about. Job well done! – https://twitter.com/MarcSantia4NY/status/940336589305237504

  • announces new battle in southwest Deir Ezzor – https://t.co/1wNpi22Utc
  • – Iraqi Shiite cleric urges fighters to disarm after defeat – https://t.co/jO37vpvXoe
  • suffers casualties during clashes with the Afghan forces in Nangarhar – https://t.co/aIYpvW1r1f
  • – Putin visits Russia’s Hmeymim air base in Syria, orders withdrawal of Russian troops – https://t.co/DMxjai1DJL
  • – US Embassy provides nine Pakistani Police organisations with equipment with $23 million – https://t.co/fF0aektybH
  • – One Turkish soldier killed in Turkey’s east – https://t.co/hX5idNWV2t
  • – 18 detained in pre-emptive bid to boost Christmas security – https://t.co/IL0FcMSrZP
  • – Close to 6,000 FTFs who fought with could return to Africa – https://t.co/XzyKnHuXHE
  • – How produced its cruel arsenal on an industrial scale – https://t.co/abuq5HqnF9
  • – Terror-warning loudspeakers rolled out across Melbourne’s CBD – https://t.co/v2o4jCHh32
  • – Police officer with PTSD from massacre loses his job – https://t.co/gGZazD4xhp
  • – Shots fired towards Israeli vehicle in Bet El, no injuries reported. (Hatzolah)

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