Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 12

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  • – Today between 5:30pm-9pm, there will be a simulated explosion and fireball effect on a film set in the vicinity of West St and Noble St in .
  • – Jewish Assembly received a bomb threat from 2 men who demanded “to meet Jews”. – https://t.co/0aT2jR2NSU
  • – Family of alleged NY bomber ‘outraged’ at treatment by law enforcement – https://t.co/Y0nQ4h8tyI
  • – Red alert, containment zone 218. – Yad Mordechai – Netiv HaAsara
    ** Rocket launched at Israel from , says – https://t.co/aceVLl7Bl3
  • – 2 killed in an alleged suicide attack. (L’Oeil du Sahel)
  • – Captured fighter tells ITV News militants are heading to Europe to launch terror attacks – https://t.co/IINTSnPwdt
  • – Two women and a man arrested in Strabane anti-terrorism raids – https://t.co/WQnRQfCdmU
  • – South Korea conducts full anti-terror drills ahead of Winter Games – https://t.co/3tEX0pxF3a
  • – New York subway blast suspect in post before detonating bomb: ‘, you failed to protect your nation’
  • – Army officer charged with preparation of acts endangering the nation. – https://t.co/IxEdTDATbz
  • affiliate statement: – JNIM urges attacks on US and Israel – JNIM denounces ’s recognition of as the capital of Israel – JNIM calls for jihad
  • – Russian plane evacuates its embassy employees in Sanaa.
  • – 8 vehicles involved in construction work set on fire by Maoists. (ANI)
  • bomber not on Bangladesh terror list: Dhaka police – https://t.co/He4n0NK3dr
    ** Akayed , the suspect arrested in yesterday’s terror attack in NYC, has been charged with the following: • Criminal Possession of a Weapon • Support Act of Terrorism • Making Terroristic Threat (NYPD)
  • – Overnight explosion. State security investigating. – https://t.co/d8htydbhnW
  • – 2 Palestinians killed by Israeli airstrikes in northern Gaza Strip: Health Ministry
    ** Israel denies having carried out an air strike.
  • – Texas man charged with planning US terror attack, supporting – https://t.co/LLyyX58mjK
  • thwarts stabbing near Salfit, West Bank – https://t.co/iqywZbHl7i
  • – Irish man acquitted after 4 years of being imprisoned in Egypt says he saw dozens of cellmates become radicalized – https://t.co/eD0eY6sqfM
  • – Four arrested over alleged plan to attack police – https://t.co/VmhffoIiJ3
  • kills Vietnamese captive – https://t.co/eSP5d21FAF
  • ‘s charity wing distributes cash, blankets among refugees – https://t.co/Z3bgmghC66
  • – Gun attack kills 2 soldiers – https://t.co/3e2Yu6IaEd

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