Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 13

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  • – Security alert in Ederowen Pk. Partial evacuation. Expect it to last into tomorrow morning.
  • – 5 men who were trying to flee their village have been killed, probably by – https://t.co/YPyR9KoG5j
  • – Birmingham couple who plotted terrorist knife attack are jailed – https://t.co/MErZwxek97

  • – Peshmerga says plans for attacks through suicide bombers – https://t.co/Bj70Mgc7vz
  • – Trump administration will present evidence Thursday at the Defense Intelligence Agency of what it says is proof that has provided missiles to rebels in , missiles like those the rebels have recently fired into . (CNN)
  • – Man who trashed a kosher restaurant last week is a returned FTF, who was born in Syria, the lawyers of the restaurant owner announced today.
  • Sirens sounding in containment zone 220. Ibim, Gevim, Sapir Academic College, Nir Am, Sapirim Industrial Park, Sderot, Sha’ar HaNegev Industrial Zone.
    ** At least 2 rockets fired from successfully intercepted over in southern Israel moments ago. (Hatzollah)
    ** Israeli air strikes in now, in retaliation for tonight’s rocket attacks.
  • – Sven Mary will be the lawyer for . He will immediately ask to postpone the trial when it starts on Monday.
  • fined for not giving the access to the terrorists’ conversations – https://t.co/i5PClx3Fw1
  • – Germany mulls more money for victims after Berlin attack – https://t.co/pYVHn8CXe2
  • presence expanding in north, northeast: MPs – https://t.co/sPzrsnHLiS
  • – Port Authority bomber tried brainwashing his wife: officials – https://t.co/ZFYelQ3ME3

  • – Large-scale security measures put in place for ’s trial – https://t.co/yZerD30DiC
  • agrees to recognize East as Palestinian capital – https://t.co/pusXVrk5iM
  • commissioner O’Neill: “We need Congress & Trump to help police foil terror attacks on NYC – https://t.co/BpKGBtkQd7
  • – New York bombing suspect’s wife ‘didn’t know about radicalization’ – https://t.co/kMy4brhwZz
  • – Malaysian defense Minister: armed forces ready to help Palestinians – https://t.co/9aQe0uhyJU
  • – Iraq hosts 3rd international conference for countering propaganda – https://t.co/3CuhkcBhWm
  • – Far-right lone wolf terrorist ‘Laser Man’ to stand trial for murder of survivor – https://t.co/SB0F5gzPAH
  • – 5 days before his trial starts, Salah doesn’t have a lawyer – https://t.co/RuTEbY0NsI
  • carries out offensive against Syrian forces – https://t.co/o3fYWjP5XH
  • – 2 terrorists killed, another arrested in Kirkuk – https://t.co/UjpgDCMxej
  • – Turkish President Erdoğan calls for the recognition of east-Jerusalem as the capital of occupied Palestine.
    ** Palestinian leader says they will not allow US to take part in the peace process in the future, it has lost the role of mediator. He describes US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as the “slap of the century”. (CNN Türk)
    **  says extremists could use ’s decision to turn political struggle into a religious one.
    **  says Palestinians could withdraw their membership of international bodies over President ’s decision.
  • – October 3, 1980: bombing in front of a synagogue in the rue Copernic. Sole suspect to stand trial 37 years after the attack which killed 4 and injured around 40 others. Attack attributed to special operations branch of the . – https://t.co/ySPIcRjxBS
  • – Turkish President Erdoğan hosts meeting on Jerusalem in Istanbul, says Israel is a state of terror and occupation, Israel has been rewarded for its terror actions with U.S decision on . (CNN Türk)
  • – J&K police nabs youth on way to join Zakir Musa’s militant group – https://t.co/4qHkbiJfHr
  • – Counter-terrorism operation: 22 foreign alleged members detained – https://t.co/rqbt5ubvaQ
  • – Terrorists involved in hostage crisis handed 13, 15 years in prison – https://t.co/mIqiZOm3H1
  • – No evidence suspected NY bomber linked with militants in Bangladesh: counter-terrorism chief – https://t.co/LHhTmFTAap
  • – Congress extends martial law – https://t.co/YpUG2TfQ5g

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