Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 14

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  • officer says there are more tunnels leading into Israel – https://t.co/C19scRdk3J
  • 2 stabbings – 1 killed in 1st one – several injured in 2nd one Unclear if the 2 incidents are related. Motive & background unknown.
    ** 2 killed, several injured. Police do not want to comment any further at this point.
    ** Police are investigating the crime scenes. They will communicate when more info becomes available
    ** 2 killed, 3 injured. 1 suspect in custody. No indications of a terrorist motive at this point. (Dutch Police)
  • – 1 injured in an IED explosion – https://t.co/yiJ33xC8Yp
  • – Woman tried to send thousands in to : officials – https://t.co/9jXFM8a0CE
  • Train traffic stopped due to suspicious package @ Liège Guillemins railway station.
    **  Everything back to normal
  • – Still no verdict for teenagers who wanted to carry out a terrorist on ’s central railway station – https://t.co/lNaKnfXqAC
  • – The tragedy of Palmyra: First look inside one of world’s most magical ancient ruins – now utterly destroyed by – https://t.co/41X8tcW1Mg

  • – Our next battle will be with sleeper cells: vice-president Allawi – https://t.co/7M65C8ZnLc
  • – Coalition partners killed 20 fighters in southern Syria yesterday, capture others, including foreign fighters. These IS fighters freely moved through “liberated” territory of Russian-backed, pro-Syrian regime.
  • – Terrorism Investigation Unit arrested a 39-year-old man in connection with ongoing investigations into violent dissident republican activity – https://t.co/wtcidhBv5C
  • – Counterterror Chief: Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric makes job more difficult – https://t.co/2zEiSmziXt
  • – War at home: searching for suicide vests on subways with new technology scanning passengers’ bodies – https://t.co/9Dh1dFLZQJ
  • – Prosecutor to file complaint against lawyer for disclosing the information of an ongoing investigation – https://t.co/YgQQGzk0FC
  • weapons arsenal included some purchased by US government – https://t.co/TXWxJDTHln
  • – Prosecutors ask for 2 years imprisonment for a 47-year-old man who joined a terrorist group in Syria – https://t.co/kN8Or1ixpV
  • – ‘Death to America!’: chief vows to END Israel and the US and calls for ‘millions of martyrs’ to march to Jerusalem, as Israeli minister threatens to return Lebanon ‘to the Stone Age’ – https://t.co/81fo80IHqf

  • – Iran may have passed ballistic missiles to Yemen Houthi rebels, UN says – https://t.co/2zgd4f5MPK
  • – Another commander of the Red Unit of killed in Farah province – https://t.co/wpISwuc9cf
  • – Israel closes border crossings after Palestinian rocket strikes – https://t.co/wfPCN1QOrJ
  • – 35-year-old Britain First leader has been arrested by detectives investigating speeches at the Northern Ireland Against Terrorism Rally in August – https://t.co/EK9GgITOqQ
  • – Man arrested by detectives investigating Omagh security alert in November.
  • – Very interesting read – https://twitter.com/KyleWOrton/status/941273079971500032
  • – 38 executed for ‘terrorism’ in southern Iraq: provincial council (AFP)
  • – Syrian army advances from Aleppo to Idlib, kills notorious commander – https://t.co/LjtLT3wb2a
  • Counter-terrorism raids this morning. Suspects might be linked to Anis . – https://t.co/wdmgDwYxOg
    ** Prosecutors only commented the raids are being carried out in connection with an investigation into “departures for ”.
    **  – Police Press statement: 9 searches, digital materials seized, 4 suspects aged between 18 and 21. 2 suspected of traveling abroad to fight with , via Istanbul. 1 suspected of training. 1 suspected of help, due to bringing the 3 others to the airport.
  • Suicide bomber kills 10 at Somali police academy, police say – https://t.co/6Xwu8oTYyj
    ** Death toll rises to 17. 20+ injured.
    ** Updated toll: 18 killed
    ** Claimed by
  • appeals to in battle with Russia’s over privacy – https://t.co/7QBxMtDkmj

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