Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 15

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  • – Is Sinai the new ? Evidence Russian-speaking fighters left and went to Egypt – https://t.co/9pFozwTPUq

  • – A former chief says Argentina bungled the investigation of a 1994 terrorist attack – https://t.co/bc4j0EeTeN
  • arrests 8 members who tried to escape into regime areas in Damascus – https://t.co/aidhNa57A4
  • – Fugitive who ran internet scams in South Florida linked to terror group – https://t.co/4jI8GVjJbz
  • – Anarchists have claimed yesterday’s incendiary attack against a telecom antenna – https://t.co/VeuLaJnj7i
  • – Russian security services uncover cell that was planning an attack this Saturday – https://t.co/NPOeZJcKqC
  • – Tougher laws against helping terrorists – https://t.co/AgQlPeVf6K
  • – Chairman of the anti-terrorism commission says Jadaoun should not count on Belgium’s help to return – https://t.co/8FR1D5GRYv
  • 1 knife wielding man shot. No further danger. Further info will follow.
    ** Man was shot @ airport by the Maréchaussée.
    ** Suspect detained and evacuated from the scene
    ** Incident not terror related. Suspect was in a brawl with someone else. Threatened him with a knife. Maréchaussée shot him in the leg. Incident happened in front of , .
    ** Suspect is a 29-year-old from . Known to security services for earlier violent incidents at airport.
    ** Correction to earlier released info. Man was not in a brawl, but entered Maréchaussée office at airport – https://t.co/LAimOySmFy
  • – Ten members killed in airstrike on Diyala, Salahuddin borders: Commander – https://t.co/tiVQ3aNtS7
  • – Police Officer stabbed in Ramallah, terrorist neutralized – https://t.co/cKtbsdlaJ5
  • – Alleged IED attack against a car of Turkish Intelligence – https://t.co/iyOhQXjiGn

  • in Dhaka to know more about NYC bomber – https://t.co/6atsx25cXm
  • – Prison sentences of 1 to 3 years for 4 accused of terrorist activities – https://t.co/mVIEbbO3EG
  • – Second press release – https://t.co/DUdjWTEQRx
  • – Anarchists have claimed 2 attacks with explosives against the socialist party and the radical social-democratic party last Sunday – https://t.co/nFqywQx0Xj
  • – Belgian FTF Tarik Jadaoun, who is imprisoned in Iraq, wants to collaborate with Belgian security services – https://t.co/HIaAQrRpgM

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