Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 16

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  •  – https://twitter.com/AndrewBGreene/status/942160907982868481
  • – Two Danish nationals wounded in Gabon knife attack: minister – https://t.co/4NqqrXpOw0
  • – Turkish forces kill 8 terrorists – https://t.co/v4G3H5Atxz
  • – Switzerland expulses radicalized French-Tunisian Muslim to France – https://t.co/DyjMauvC1R
  • – Terrorist who mowed down and killed 14 people in Barcelona van attack is secretly buried in an unmarked grave in Morocco – https://t.co/lV7W5Ys4ld
  • – Security minister warns far right is adopting same grooming methods used by Islamists – https://t.co/UfrAsL13m0

  • – Iraqi troops kill member of Shia militias during clashes in Karbala – https://t.co/4LYU5eL34V
  • – Bomb blast kills 4 soldiers – https://t.co/8WQRT68u0H
  • suffers casualties in air and ground operations – https://t.co/SZz4jB55yV
  • – December 16, 2014: Attack on the Army Public School, by 6 Tehrik-i-Taliban linked gunmen. 141 people were killed. The army’s SSG special forces killed all 6 terrorists and rescued around 960 individuals. – https://twitter.com/pid_gov/status/941895664463745024
  • – Viewing terrorist websites isn’t a crime, France’s top constitutional body says – https://t.co/4OiEFxlC5l
  • – Police arrest top commander in Borno – https://t.co/uZ7ooxhpFJ

  • – German teen bride reunites with her mom before trial – https://t.co/T2qcSZ8fzD

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