Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 18

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  • – Duterte hiring back Davao guys to go after assassins – https://t.co/baTZrF93e8
  • – Trump says challenge will be taken care of: ‘We have no choice’ – https://t.co/xXK3jjHvr3
  • – Senior leader killed in Diyala – https://t.co/JAqZjsFY1z
  • – Incident not being treated as terrorism –
  • – For those who read this or similar articles today: it’s actually not true. The report states that half of them pose a very high risk. – https://t.co/oQmQHl21bM
  • uses women as spies in Coast region – https://t.co/n6ufliWqSc

  • – Man jailed for encouraging terrorism – https://t.co/mcXPTpnxV8
  • – The role of women in jihadism should not be underestimated. Women are just as dedicated to the jihadist ideal as men. The most recent publication of the is available in English: ‘Jihadist women, a threat not to be underestimated’. – https://t.co/2EM7YxqZqI
  • – Armed attack on security forces in Kirkuk – https://t.co/bF8ZchFCje
  • – 1 51-year-old German man detained – https://t.co/WmaGhH8o7x

  • Sky sources: US airforce base in Suffolk – RAF Mildenhall – in lockdown following “security incident”.
    ** Suffolk Police are responding to reports of a significant incident at RAF and announce further details shortly.
    ** RAF official communication: Reports of a disturbance on base. People are asked to avoid the area. Info will be provided by 100th ARW Public Affairs Office.
    ** Preliminary details: A vehicle tried to force its way into base in , 1 man arrested by police.
    ** U.S. Air Force spokeswoman says incident at base has been contained, a suspect has been apprehended.
    ** RAF says Suffolk Police have primacy, and all questions and media queries may be directed to 01473 782 722.
    **  – Incident not being treated as terrorism – https://t.co/h5JW5ZzFo9

  • – 29 people including 11 military forces injured in a suicide attack in PD3 of Bolan in Lashkargah, one more police killed in the attack. (1TV)
  • – Suspect in Stockholm truck attack to stand trial in February – https://t.co/1IjgfAwWVC
  • – Four militants killed in surprise security campaigns in Diyala – https://t.co/T47TP3Keqq
  • – 3 years imprisonment for -sympathizer – https://t.co/fFVUZw6PQ4
  • – Soldier killed, 2 others hurt in ambush – https://t.co/fDC1VrXaG2
  • – Kulane Abdi, a senior police officer survived an assassination attempt after a bomb attached to his car exploded in Mogadishu’s Dharkenley. (Garowe)
  • – 3 -linked suspects arrested – https://t.co/UXbKQte6ik
  • – Maoists attack road construction camp and torch 10 vehicles – https://t.co/fQR118Yqpt
  • – Updated toll: 9 killed, 56 injured
  • suffer heavy casualties in Sar-e-Pul airstrikes: Shaheen Corps – https://t.co/AHtgnCdjYQ
  • – Salah ’s trial postponed until February 5 – https://t.co/FqcgxQcPJ0

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