Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 21

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  • – Detention of 2 men, both mosque administrators, suspected of money laundering and terrorism offenses extended – https://t.co/4NtLvebvbe
  • It is completely normal people are replying to our tweets and sharing their opinion. This is the goal of after all. We are also used to the fact people insult us via direct messages. In fact: thanks! We’re having a good laugh with those.
    ** Here are some examples of today, that were sent to use while we were reporting the events in . Like we said: it makes us laugh.
    ** We wanted to point out some other things though. Multiple people are arguing with us and other accounts/researchers/officials/… that today’s incident in is terrorism.
    ** We absolutely agree that such an event is terrifying. Not only for the people on and around the scene, but also for people who could be on the other side of the globe.
    ** It is necessary however, to explain that it is not because something is terrifying a criminal act becomes terrorism. It takes a lot more than that.
    ** It all starts with highly trained professionals who arrive on scene, seconds or minutes after an incident occurs. Priority: secure the scene, their own safety and attend to the dead and wounded.
    ** Personal security of police and emergency services is of the utmost importance. If they get injured, how would we want them to help civilians that are affected by the incident? They will also make a first assessment of the crime scene.
    ** We should point out that, the moment an incident occurs, the investigation starts. An investigation will determine how a violent act should be categorized. We will see later on that this is very important.
    ** An investigation is much larger and goes much deeper than many civilians imagine. Attached to this tweet you will find a very simplified version of which steps are taken in an investigation. Again: very simplified.
    ** The investigation will determine which offense has been committed. To start talking about an act of terrorism, multiple verifications have to be done.
    ** It’s not enough to say that an offense committed by a Muslim, a Christian or a Buddhist automatically becomes an act of terrorism. Same goes for political affiliation and so on.
    ** The most important element to determine if a violent act should be categorized as terrorism, is the goal of the act. Is it a violent act with a political, religious or ideological goal for example? At that point, we can start thinking about terrorism.
    ** This could be determined in various ways during an investigation, but that would lead us to far to go into detail here on Twitter.
    ** That said, police forces or governments (certainly in the western hemisphere) have no advantage in covering up an act of terrorism. Not just for 1 reason, but for multiple reasons.
    ** The most important reason is the charge itself. Imagine a suspect is charged with a terrorism offense and appears before a court. A lawyer can prove it is no terrorism? The suspect might walk free.
    ** You should also consider the fact that choosing the correct classification for a violent act has certain implications. There is a large difference in follow-up after a terrorist act and another violent act. Not only for security services and police forces.
    ** This is also true for scholars, researchers, policy makers and so on. A terrorist act influences future CT-decisions, CT-efforts and operations. The identification of trends and threats would become more difficult if an incident were to be wrongly categorized.
    ** After all, we want to avoid terrorist attacks. And last but not least: let’s not forget the victims. The human beings behind the numbers you usually see in the media. They need to get the right care and attention.
    ** It is very important for their healing process they are being recognized as victims of a terrorist attack. But not only that. In case of a criminal act, support is needed for direct and secondary victims. In case of a large terrorist attack, an entire community might be affected.
    ** Sorry for the long thread, but sometimes things need to be clarified and explained more in detail.
  • – All clear. Area released.
  • – Man arrested for terrorism offence – https://t.co/0XHQe1gj2i
  • – Man arrested under Terrorism Act over attempted murder of off duty police officer – https://t.co/i9pw5Z5WEE
  • – Armed man reported at medical facility. Possible hostage situation. – https://t.co/FnXvub7KN5
    ** 1 doctor was tied down and was threatened with a firearm. Police have evacuated the building. Suspect not yet found/detained. (Police)
  • – Belgian teenager suspected of being behind 25 % of all French language propaganda on – https://t.co/XXeGWK6HD1

  • – Flinders street: car runs over a number of pedestrians. Driver arrested on scene. Victoria police attending. No word on cause, motive,…
    ** 12 injured taken to hospital. Some in serious condition.
    ** 13 taken to hospital, 2 treated on scene
    ** The driver and a second man have been detained
    ** Current scene at . Witnesses confirm there was a very quick emergency response

    ** 14 injured, several in critical condition. Police believe it is a deliberate act, although they do not know anything about the motive yet. (Police press conference)
    ** Crime scene in will be in place for a considerable amount of time. People who have personal items in the area of the crime scene, will not be able to retrieve them for several hours to come
    ** Police will remain on the scene at well into the evening and tomorrow morning. Continue to avoid the highlighted area
    ******* Press conference – Driver detained by off-duty police officer. Other man arrested was seen filming the attack scene. Had a bag with knives.
    ** Driver resisted arrest. Police officer who detained him taken to hospital.
    ** Driver: known to police. History of drug use, mental health issues, abuse. He is in a mental health programme. 32-year-old Australian male, of Afghan origin.
    ** Police believe it is a deliberate act, although no evidence of a terrorist attack. Counter-terrorism helps with investigation to make sure there are no terrorist motives after all.
    ** No increased threat for any further events. Police believe this is an isolated incident
    ** Victims: 15 in stable condition & 4 in critical condition. Offender is 1 of those injured, not critical. Injured officer is receiving treatment and gets special praise from Premier
    ** Police were on scene within 15 seconds, ambulances in less than 5 minutes
    ** Minor assault case was in 2010. The car he was driving today was not stolen, registered to a family member
    ** The 24-year-old who was detained filming the scene and the 32-year-old driver have not (yet) been linked
    ** Driver crashed into a tram stop
    ** The second person is probably not involved in the incident. For both men: – No known extremism – No known radicalization – No known links to terrorist(s) (groups) No indications of a terrorist act, but it is a deliberate one.
    ** Police in attendance. Wichterstrasse sealed in the direction of the city center
    ** All roads have now been reopened

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