Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 22

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  • Keep an eye on this – https://twitter.com/ICCT_TheHague/status/944290759175557120
  • – Indonesia awards first compensation to terror victims – https://t.co/OcWj0TH5Az
  • : Man planned Christmas terror attack for SF’s Pier 39 – https://t.co/X10FiLmiGI
    ** Official statement and criminal complaint – https://t.co/Fr3vnmWQiP

  • – Bomb squad carries out controlled explosion amid terror probe – https://t.co/JdYx9owJFH
  • – Publication of the public report on the terrorist threat to Canada – https://t.co/ATNKbiRfd9
  • – Police arrest 2 suspected members – https://t.co/DbIdTnbfKX
  • – 4 terrorists arrested in Mosul – https://t.co/hAXwnYdCfE
  • – Head of Belgian forces in Iraq says is not yet beaten – https://t.co/BPPd8MgAMv
  • – 3 FC soldiers martyred, 5 terrorists killed in cross-border attack – https://t.co/x8nO5IcuBX
  • – US drone strike kills 3 militants – https://t.co/Nxed2KmJHv
  • – 4 civilians killed in a bomb explosion – https://t.co/0BElRTdqCl
  • – 3 men who planned an attack on Antwerp’s central railway station and on a politician get suspended sentences – https://t.co/Y66UnlHnJK
  • – SVBIED attack leaves 6 local police officers dead – https://t.co/zj3AERwR5I
  • Hostage situation on a ferry boat. Motive unknown. – https://t.co/R7NhnPd4ih
    ** Hostage situation is taking place on the quay near the ferry. Female hostage taker doesn’t speak Dutch and seems very emotional. Not clear what she wants. Negotiators are on their way.
    ** Start of the hostage situation. 1 woman threatens another with a knife and takes her away.
    ** Suspect detained by special police forces. Victim not injured. Suspect taken away for interrogation.
    ** Police press release –

  • – Overnight explosion at the court of appeals – https://t.co/Czfw8cxs4o
    ** As was to be expected, anarchists mention the bombing on their website, without claiming it however. – https://t.co/kvdhmxW0gt
  • – Homeland Security suspending bioterror testing in Oklahoma – https://t.co/qz24xwFTcI

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