Terrorism Telegram Newsline – December 23

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  • – Maoists opposing road works using arson attacks to stop them – https://t.co/MK1hchvnAk
  • – 3 naxals surrender, bringing the total to 22 in 2017 – https://t.co/9sR7yla04b
  • – Anarchists claim having sabotaged ATMs – https://t.co/OfuO7ZipeM
  • – Anti-jihadist mission in is priority, says – https://t.co/NyNc2BTNRw
  • – Driver charged with attempted murder over Melbourne vehicle attack – https://t.co/Xq6ZHf2IPo
  • In between Christmas shopping, decorating trees, wrapping gifts, “cleaning the house because guests are coming”, kitchen duties, visits to the hairdressers, choosing the right outfit,… we wish you all a Merry . Stay safe and take care of each other.

  • – Powerful faction in India calls on affiliate to join ranks – https://t.co/4h1U4AFEFw
  • – Police arrest Syrian over planned terrorist attack – https://t.co/9oxZr6KpuB
  • – Mortar shells land around Somalia’s presidential palace. Casualties unknown. (Garowe)
  • – Alleged -linked terrorist ‘liked’ groups on – https://t.co/IQMZcqbxKU
  • – Security forces retake Mosul-Kirkuk road from – https://t.co/JL2wvBXRdD

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